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Walmart Losing its Grip on Key Shopper Segment
by Adam BlairRIS
Walmart's self-branding as the Every Day Low Price retailer has been an essential element of its success. But a recent survey of Walmart shoppers indicates the vast majority – a whopping 86% – no longer believe Walmart offers the lowest prices. With the nation's economic recovery sputtering, this "identity crisis" is cause for concern at the Bentonville Giant. It also offers an explanation for why Walmart's U.S. stores have suffered seven consecutive quarters of same-store sales declines, most recently a 1.1% dip for the quarter ending April 29, 2011. (Walmart will announce its Q2 results later this month.)
Bangladesh Labor Leaders Win One Case; Ten More Cases Still to Go
by Bjorn Claeson and Liana Foxvog, SweatFree CommunitiesLabor is not a commodity
ILRF has learned that one of the most pernicious cases against Bangladesh Center for Worker Solidarity (BCWS) staff has been dismissed. Nassa, a major Walmart supplier, had accused BCWS’s Babul Akhter and Aminul Islam of extortion, which could have resulted in sentences of between five years to lifetime in prison. At the time of the alleged incident Mr. Akhter was in court dealing with the government’s cancellation of BCWS’s NGO registration. Mr. Islam was in a BCWS office 50 kilometers from Nassa.
Wal-Mart move causes concern in SA
by Karen Allen BBC
US group Wal-Mart is set to make its mark in South Africa, after regulators approved its bid for a majority stake in one of the country's retailers. The world's biggest retailer hopes to buy 51% of Massmart, but its plans have drawn criticism from some local unions and suppliers. Karen Allen reports from Capetown.
Rising pump prices add to Wal-Mart uncertainty
U.S. Walmart stores, which represent 62 percent of the company's business, posted their eighth straight quarter of revenue declines at stores open at least a year. The revenue figure compares revenue with the same quarter a year earlier and excludes stores that opened or closed during the year. It's an important measure of a retailer's health.
South Africa Competition Tribunal Hearings Continue, Walmart Claims Most Products Sold in Stores from U.S.
The Competition Tribunal hearings in South Africa this week about Walmart buying a majority stake in retailer Massmart generated a lot of press in the country:
Women of Wal-Mart Deserve their Day in Court: Retail Giant is Not Too Big to Sue
Today the Supreme Court will hear arguments in Wal-Mart v. Dukes -- the largest employment class-action suit in U.S. history. The retail giant did not ask the high court to review the actual charges that Wal-Mart routinely discriminated against its women employees. Instead, the company's challenge seeks to halt the case, which represents more than 1.5 million women, before it even gets to trial.
Wal-Mart’s Massmart Antitrust Hearings Delayed by Tribunal
by Renee BonorchisBloomberg
South Africa’s Competition Tribunal postponed all hearings into Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s bid to buy control of Massmart Holdings Ltd. until May after unions said a planned partial delay would harm their case.
Wal-Mart’s Million-Worker Bias Case May Mean ‘Rough Justice’ for Companies [USA]
by Greg Stohr, BloombergBHRRC
More than 100 Wal-Mart Stores Inc. workers paint a similar picture in sworn complaints about the company: Local managers made sexist decisions about promotions and pay, and top officials did nothing to stop them.
Walmart Partners with Predatory Lender
WalMart Watch
As the deadline for filing taxes approaches, Walmart is increasingly coming under criticism for its partnership with Jackson Hewitt. The tax preparer has opened kiosks in over 2,000 Walmart stores for the 2011 tax season, as part of the second year of its exclusive national agreement with Walmart. A recent article in Equal Voice Newspaper highlights some of the problems with the partnership.
Attention Tween Walmart Shoppers: Go Green at the Environment's Expense
by Mandy Van Deven
The co-optation of social justice issues for corporate gain is nothing new. The folks in charge of marketing campaigns make a living sniffing out new ways to sell their company's products, and exploiting people's desires is a crucial part of that process.


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