Employees Having Fun at Work
Employees Having Fun at Work

4 Ways to Get Your Employees Having Fun at Work

Focusing on the tasks at hand is important for productivity in the office, but all work and no play can start to grind people down, and you might notice that this impacts morale in your teams. This is why you do need to think about how you can create a positive working environment that has a good balance of focus on the jobs that need doing with a sense of fun. The happier your employees are at work, the more likely they will stay with your company and want to do well there. So, if you are worried that morale is dipping in your workspace and your staff needs a bit of a boost, here are some ideas to get them to have fun again.

1.   After-Work Drinks

One of the simplest ways you can get everyone feeling cheerier is by organizing after-work drinks on Friday. You could even suggest that your teams clock off a little earlier that day and head down to a local bar not far from the office. This is a great way for your staff to get out of the working environment and relax a little bit, while still spending quality time together and bonding. You could even try to make this a regular thing and schedule team drinks once a month.

2.   Bring Some Games into the Workspace

In the staff break room, think about bringing in some classic board games for people to play during their lunch hour, perhaps even sparking some healthy competition. If there is room, perhaps even a pool table or something similar could be a welcome addition to the office. Having these games in place can help to shift the focus and take their minds off of work when they are on their breaks, and something like this can make a big difference to their attitude.

3.   Encourage Them to be Active

Another way you could help to boost morale in the workplace is by encouraging your staff to be more active. Exercise does help to raise people’s spirits, and it might even help them focus more at work, too. Whether you are starting a cycle-to-work scheme or offering staff gym memberships, this can all help to get them moving. If you have the space in your working environment, you could even set up courts somewhere in the office where they can play on their lunch break. For example, using this Pickleball court stencil to create a zone where they can play this sport that is gaining popularity.

 Employees Having Fun at Work
Employees Having Fun at Work

4.   Organize a Fun Day Out

Going out for after-work drinks is a good idea and easy to organize, but if you think that your teams need something more from you to boost morale, then why not consider arranging a fun day out? This could be to a relaxing spa retreat, a theme park, or engaging in other team-building exercises. It’s a good way to show your appreciation to your employees for the hard work that they’ve done, but also a good opportunity for them to spend time together and bond.

If you think your employees need a little more fun to help boost morale and productivity, consider the suggestions above and see what works for your teams.