What Choices Does Your Organization Have for Fundraising?

Not all organizations looking to acquire funding are businesses in the way that is traditionally meant, some are leaning more towards the non-profit sector, such as charities. However, while the cause is dramatically different from what a typical business might be aiming towards, you still require funding nonetheless and look to follow the same paths to get it, such as marketing. Without obvious ways of obtaining direct income, fundraising can feel impossible, but there might be options you haven’t considered.

In fact, there are multiple ways you can look to go about securing fundraising and being aware of your options can help you realize which route fits your organization best.

Fundraising Platforms

The modern age is one of technological means, and as such, there are a wide variety of platforms and services dedicated towards causes such as this. This means that your options are varied even starting with this point. Looking into the type of marketing that you want to incorporate might help, as a straightforward appeal via a particular platform might not encourage the kind of success you’re looking for. Instead, intertwining it with a type of marketing, such as SMS marketing through platforms such as Tatango might provide you with a more direct approach that allows you to launch your fundraising effort as a part of a campaign, rather than something in the background that slowly accumulates over time.


A more direct approach could be a dedicated event, often titled ‘fundraisers’. This gives you an opportunity to show your prospective donors what your cause is all about, raising awareness for what you do and rallying some support behind you in the process. It’s an opportunity to reaffirm the belief of those already behind you and make a great first impression on those who don’t. Fundraisers can take whatever form you want them to really, but you might prefer to closely align it to your central cause for the sake of cohesion and consistency.

Some examples of this might include fun runs or dedicated events that have stalls and talks. You might also be familiar with this taking the form of high-end dinners or similar celebrations, and that can be the case too, depending on your circumstance and message.


This is an option that also doubles as a form of marketing, which might help to make it more appealing to you. A livestream, through video platforms such as YouTube or Twitch, can allow your audience to interact with you digitally while you in-turn respond to the fresh stimuli that they provide, giving way to a more flexible and unstructured back-and-forth that provides a novel foundation for whatever you want to build on it. You can use this to simply engage with your audience, perhaps to answer questions, with donations as a part of it, or you could set yourself targets to reach relating to your cause that could be signified by donations along the way. There are a multitude of creative approaches you can take here, and mastering a new digital platform is always useful when it comes to marketing.