What are the signs of bad luck?
What are the signs of bad luck?

Bad luck: What are the signs of bad luck?

Bad luck, the article will discuss the psychological aspects of bad luck, how to identify losers with behaviors, and strategies for dealing with current situations with the help of popular advice, or the recommendations of psychologists. Bad luck in life is an abstract concept that implies a systematic lack of good fortune in a person. Even in the most insignificant household, such people experience all kinds of tragedies and troubles. It is worthwhile to understand the reasons for this phenomenon and ways to get rid of it.

What are the signs of bad luck?

Few people know that bad luck is a matter of great interest to modern psychologists. In addition to fads such as vision, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), or “successful depression”, experts have begun to highlight the problem of chronic failure.

Psychologists could allow bad luck in life with the following symptoms of chronic loss:

  • Disappointment in the world around you and yourself … In every person’s life there are moments when he begins to feel hopeless and lose faith in his own strength. Many pass this season successfully, but typical losers continue to torment themselves unselfishly. The reason for this phenomenon may be that this type of people do not evaluate their common sense rationally and set themselves aimless goals.
  • Aggression towards other people … A loser who is disappointed with everything cannot let go of emotional steam in achieving the desired goal. As a result, it accumulates energy that often leaks out in the form of attacks, grunts, and rudeness towards relatives or colleagues. People with extensive life experience reduce normal anxiety from a person with walking equipment.
  • Lack of confidence in their abilities … Most often, the reason for this phenomenon should be sought in early childhood, when the nature of the child is being laid. Growing up (when you put yourself in a position to live) an emotional failure can also occur, which will lead to self-doubt. These types of people automatically join the ranks of long-term losers.
  • Symptoms of “loneliness in the crowd” … Bad luck often reaches lonely people because it turns out to be a kind of vicious circle. Individuals who defend themselves against communication with the outside world, or do not have self-confidence, or create a protective barrier around their lives. After that, they suffer from loneliness and fall into the category of losers, because they are deprived of the support of relatives and friends.
  • Worldwide resentment … Every person with chronic bad luck will look for reasons for adversity not in himself but in others. It is much more convenient to take comfort in the fact that a hard fate, an enviable colleague, and a suspiciously happy neighbor with an “evil eye” are to blame for all the mistakes that occur.
  • Feeling empty … A person accustomed to the misfortune of good fortune stops noticing a simple joy of life. He begins to lose the desire to try something new and unusual because, in the opinion of a long-term loser, all this will surely lead to collapse. The result is the destruction that can either lead to apathy or aggression.

Note! All the symptoms described can be present in the life of even a successful and sustainable person. Psychologists explain that this only applies to chronic manifestations that trigger failure.

The main causes of bad luck in life

Before tackling bad luck, you should clearly identify the origins of this life. Such failure provocateurs include the following variables:

  • Ignorance of the basics of psychology … No one claims that an ordinary person on the street should have detailed information about causation. However, many adults continue to experience trauma that can be traced back to their childhood. Without trying to rethink their position in life, people fall into the category of losers.
  • Basic laziness … If spiritual motivation and thirst for knowledge are stimulating results, then idle vegetation leads one into apathy. As a result, a lazy person cannot achieve tangible results in life. At best, everything will suit him, at worst – he will confirm the diagnosis of “chronic bad luck”.
  • Failed to see the beautiful … Lucky people know how to rejoice over small things. After all, success is not only about gaining the benefits of life, but also about reconciling oneself. Those who appreciate great weather, pleasant conversation or just a cup of coffee will never be a loser club.
  • Inadequately formulated logical thinking … The reasons for bad luck can lie in the wrong system according to the following principle: action plan – analysis of treatment – correction of decisions – conclusions about what happened. With the inability to follow a vocal chain, a person’s life naturally begins to fail.
  • Angel complex … Few people know that bad luck is often the result of too much shyness and indecision. Fear of disturbing someone again or asking, you automatically deprive yourself of the right to vote when you make a decision. When the problem starts to snowball, a new loser is born.
  • Life as a Carboniferous or as a Draft … Reality is a cruel thing that does not give even the strongest of them the right to imitate or perform a test when planning their lives. As a result, one does not live one’s own life (like tracing paper) or hope to rewrite one’s history in full. Very often, losers can be found among people who copy both the outside and the behavior of the stars. They get used to the movie completely but people do not need two stars or just fake.
  • Failure of the body … Our body is not a garbage can that can be filled with all kinds of garbage. Many things in our lives, no matter how polite they may sound, depend on our health. If it does not exist, then there will be no strength to fight, create and improve this world. As a result, in chronic diseases, the person’s main stimulus disappears and depression begins. Next is a chain reaction that will lead to an unwanted team – bad luck.
  • Addiction to Living in Disguise … No one claims that you have to live for a show and advertise your talents in a visible way. However, the golden mean between open presentation and the secret life behind seven locks will never stop a person from seeking success. Excessive secrecy often disrupts the implementation of plans that can lead to many mistakes and losses.
  • Lack of intuition … It sounds strange but this factor has a great impact on the life of the individual. The inner voice is such an abstract concept that modern science cannot explain. However, it is he who often allows you to avoid dangerous moments in life. If you do not have this powerful self-defense method, many problems can arise that can lead to long-term bad luck.
  • Incorrect assessment of experience … Sometimes situations arise where it is difficult to behave rationally and to a great extent. When they lose an interesting and well-paid job, whining people immediately begin to look for the extreme in the causes of the situation that has arisen. They are ready to teach the leaders of the organization, all the ministries, and the Lord God himself. This makes it easier for weak people to fail and blame others. The result is a cycle of bad luck and lifelong loss.

The reasons described are mainly excuses for people who fear the responsibility for their actions. In this case, do not get depressed, but look for ways to get rid of bad luck.

Ways to deal with bad luck in life

In general, this pathological phenomenon must be eradicated. In this case, you can use the advice of psychologists or turn to folk medicine. Ancestor experience will always tell you what to do with bad luck in life, and expert advice will point you in the right direction.

What are the signs of bad luck?
What are the signs of bad luck?

The psychology of overcoming the black line of error

Psychology is a science that does not like precise definitions; it always provides an opportunity to consider all situations from two angles. Some people consider the conclusions of experts in this field to be trivial and paradoxical, which is not true.

Psychological research on bad luck has given chronic losers the following advice for dealing with adversity:

  • Willpower Training … The easiest way is to leave the problem unresolved and continue to complain about the evil fate that afflicts such a wonderful person. However, if a loser positions himself as a worthy member of society, then it is necessary to unite and improve his life. Psychologists advise starting treatment with annoying factors, which can be aggressive signals on the phone or rejecting pleasurable things.
  • Composing a daily routine … Some people will consider such actions childish, but the exercise shows the results of such an approach. First, you need to make a plan for at least seven days with the distribution of important tasks by the hours. Do not condemn yourself by refusing to exercise, go for walks, or watch movies. The main thing is to strictly follow the plan of the planned day for training willpower.
  • Work towards the goal … In this case, psychologists are advised to take a note and describe very clearly the desired object. Then you need to soberly evaluate the likelihood of success of a proposed project. If there is a real opportunity to achieve the goal, then you need to make a clear plan for further action in the near future.
  • Self-training with elements of self-hypnosis … Self-esteem always affects a person and his position in life. A loser can never find an answer to the question of how to deal with bad luck if he does not believe in himself. An overestimated self-image is also not a way out because failure can lead such a person to deep depression.
  • Narrow the circle of acquaintances … As cute as it sounds, sometimes the best friend lowers the self-esteem of the loser. The beginning of the fight against bad luck should include meeting and communicating with people of an optimistic nature. All of this will help raise the morale of the person who is the victim of the attack.

It is recommended to implement the described methods of combating bad luck together in order to achieve the greatest possible effect. If a failure is occurring, you can seek the advice of a psychologist who will help deal with the problem that has arisen.

National wisdom against bad luck in life

In this case, it should be noted that not everyone believes in conspiracy and harm, which is usually attributed to mistakes. Skeptics unequivocally and cautiously make fun of such terms, as they see it as a charlatan’s initiative. But experience shows that people will not give bad advice.

His elderly experience gives clear recommendations on how to get rid of bad luck in life:

  • Salt treatment … This product has been considered a cult since ancient times, because it was, in the opinion of our ancestors, who could cast out demons. If bad luck commanded the counselors to throw salt over their left shoulder at the request of the Almighty to get rid of mistakes. Only at the same time, it is necessary to remember that salt over the right shoulder is a direct challenge to new problems. The window sill and corners of the house must also be sprinkled with salt so that trouble or a person with a “bad eye” does not enter the house.
  • Prayer against Mistakes … In this case, popular wisdom says that you should turn to your guardian angel. For the sacred rites, it is necessary to consecrate the house and visit the church to clear thoughts. Then you need to light incense and read a prayer. The text of the request itself can be arbitrary because an appeal from the heart is the best weapon against bad luck.
  • Knitting amulets … For such rituals, you need seven colored threads. Each of them will represent the supply of certain energy to the loser. In this case, the red color will allow you to neutralize the secretly ill-wishers who are trying to harm the patient. The orange thread will save you from such harmful effects from the outside as human envy. The yellow color allows you to overcome damage and green will protect you from cheating people. The blue thread can open the “third eye” for the loser to improve intuition, which is so necessary for each individual. The blue shade allows you to become a brilliant caller and purple will ensure the talisman against accidents. The next step is to ask your loved one to tie these threads in seven knots on the left wrist of the loser.