6 Core Traits of Successful Leaders

6 Core Traits of Successful Leaders: The Formula to making it Look Like you Have it all Together

Not all great leaders and successful people are the same; however, there are definitely consistencies to what defines successful leaders and entrepreneurs.  These 6 key traits will ensure your promise and success as a leader will grow exponentially, ensuring you are empowering those who surround you to achieve the success they desire.

Successful leaders


1. Setbacks Don’t Set Them Back

Things will happen and the proverbial shit will, in fact, hit the fan.  They appear to be unflappable because they know that certain challenges will happen, which subsequently makes them better at letting negative situations and setbacks not affect them as much.

Since they are not blindsided by challenges and setbacks, they come to expect them to an extent, which makes strong leaders more prepared in these situations and more adept at learning and growing from certain challenges and failures.

2. They Have Vision

This is a word that tends to be thrown out far too readily.  It’s become quite sexy to liken one’s self to Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg by calling themselves visionary.

The rub is that to be a visionary, or someone who has vision, you must be able to see into the future and create and execute plans based on things other people cannot see.  A true visionary sees what others cannot, and has enough confidence to take action on those visions.

Being able to see the big picture with confidence, allows successful leaders to be steadfast in their direction and overall leadership, and provides a very high level of direction and accountability which creates a higher level of structure when trying to achieve goals.

3. They Don’t Take Themselves Too Seriously

The most successful people in the world have a very healthy level of ego.  To be driven to succeed and play an integral role in the success of others, one must have a certain level of ego that allows one to carry themselves with true confidence.

Because of this, they recognize and realize their self-worth, which allows them to improve the confidence and self-worth of others that surround them.

Great successful leaders also don’t have too much ego.  They don’t take themselves too seriously and can laugh at themselves.  When things don’t go their way, they can find ways to laugh at themselves, which allows them to maintain their cool, and quite frankly, the respect of those they lead.

A perfect balance is vital to being a successful leader.  Enough ego is necessary to have true confidence in yourself and your ability to empower and lead others, but not so much, that you can’t laugh at yourself because you take yourself far too seriously.

4. Relationships are everything

We may live in a global, digital world and marketplace, which may change the way we build and strengthen relationships, but the fact of the matter is that relationships still make the world go round.

A consistency among great leaders is that they place a ton of value on building relationships and are very good at building them.

The more someone can build and cultivate a network, the more leverage they have in building organizations, finding and attracting great talent, increasing sales, and developing high-level strategic partnerships.

5. They are Proactive in Their Preparation

Successful leaders are always prepared.  Even when put into stressful situations, or situations where they are forced to adapt to an unfamiliar setting or scenario, they are prepared.

Preparation doesn’t have to be specific, rather, most often, the best preparation is proactive in design.  Reading books, working on your speaking abilities, improving your psycho-social skills, and being a student whenever possible make the best leaders always look prepared and unflappable regardless of the situation.

6. Your Body is Your Temple

Eating well, exercising, and placing a premium on a good night’s rest when possible are all consistent characteristics of successful leaders.

Taking care of yourself physically and emotionally requires a certain level of discipline; a discipline that will carry over and directly affect your performance as a CEO, high-level executive, mentor, and entrepreneur.

Successful leaders peoples do everything possible to turn the tables in their favor, and keeping yourself healthy and treating your body well, keeping energy levels high, improving focus, and building confidence; all necessary factors to achieving a high level of success.…