Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager

The Business Development Manager (BDM) is responsible for constantly developing and implementing new business ideas. He is a strategist who always needs to be up to date. In addition, BDM maintains relationships with clients and forges strategic ideas for mutual benefit.

Professional and Personal Aspects of Working as a Business Development Manager

 Studies related to business development managers

So far, there are almost no qualification programs because the BDM is still at the beginning of the professionalization process. However, it is now possible to focus on business development in some master’s programs. The technical training of a BDM generally depends on the industry in which the employer is based. Engineers are especially in demand for technologies, patents, or connecting products with services.

Prerequisites for working as a business development manager

BDM is rarely an entry-level position; most companies require several years of professional experience. Newcomers have good opportunities here. Critical competencies are experienced in project management, sales, marketing, budgeting, people management, and control.

Sectors in which the director of business development participates

The most important sectors are IT / telecommunications, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, mechanical and plant engineering. In general, BDMs can be active in all innovation and technology-oriented industries.

Positions similar to business development manager

Since the BDM is interdisciplinary and fulfills different tasks depending on the company, it is difficult to identify similar positions. However, similar job profiles include Marketing Manager, Project Manager, Sales Manager, Operations Manager, and Innovation Manager.

Soft skills (soft profile) of the director of business development

Most companies require cross-cultural skills, willingness to travel, self-motivation, resilience, business experience, and communication and negotiation skills. Other required skills are creativity and a willingness to challenge existing structures.

Tasks/projects for business development manager

The Business Development Manager opens up new business fields (new sales markets, products, or customers) for your company and develops existing business areas. In addition, he supports the company in actively reacting to changing markets and changing economic conditions. Reporting to management, developing strategy, and analyzing competition are as many tasks as creating business plans and developing or expanding strategic alliances. Works interdisciplinary with other departments.

The profession of BDM itself offers relatively low career opportunities. However, it is often understood as a stepping stone and enables change to a managerial position, sales manager, or business unit manager.

Business Development Manager

 Business development managers include:

Devise a business development strategy focused on financial benefits

. Organize business development meetings with potential clients

Brief description of the position

We are looking for an ambitious energy business development manager to help us expand our clientele. You will be the company’s face, and you will dedicate yourself to creating and applying an effective sales strategy. The goal is to drive sustainable financial growth and forge strong customer relationships.


. Devise a growth strategy focused on financial gain and customer satisfaction

. Carry out studies to identify the needs of customers and markets

. Organize business meetings with potential clients

. Promote the company’s products and services to address or anticipate customer objectives

. P repair sales contracts that guarantee adherence to all established legal guidelines and standards

 records of sales, income, bills, etc.

Or offer reliable comments and opinions as well as after-sales support

. Build long-term relationships with new and existing clients

. Develop entry-level staff to become valued salespeople


. Demonstrable work experience as a business development manager, sales executive, or other relevant position

. Proven track record in sales

. Experience in customer service will be an asset

. Mastery of MS Office and CRM software (e.g., Salesforce)

. Mastery of English

. Market knowledge

. Communication and negotiation skills

. Ability to forge relationships

. Time planning and management capabilities

. Degree in Business Administration, Sales or a relevant field

 Salary of the business development manager

The salary depends on the company and the industry. Here you will learn what engineers deserve when they start their careers.