Characteristics Of Generation Z Users

Generation z characteristics

The so-called Generation Z characteristics, whose members are also known as centennials or post-millennials, are global. Adolescents who were born in the late 1990s until the beginning of this millennium belong to it. In this way, it can be said that his age is around 20 years.

Today, centennials make up a significant part of the world’s population. It is one of the compelling reasons companies and businesses should design their digital marketing strategies to take into account their Generation z characteristics and other aspects related to their preferences. In this sense, social networks, influencer marketing, and YouTubers are the most appropriate channels to reach them.

Young generation Z (or centennials) are more entrepreneurial than millennia’s

It is one of the distinctive features of the individuals who are part of this generation. This aspect can be defined by the fact that they had difficult access to the labor market, which means that around a quarter of young people today are unemployed.

Generation Z characteristics have greater autonomy to learn on their own. In this way, they stand out for being self-taught and creative. Also, their learning process is accelerated. These are two aspects that make post-millennials irreverent to millennia, who were educated through much more rigorous processes than those employed with Gen Z.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that this generation is marked by easy and unlimited access to information and knowledge. It motivates them to be critical, questions everything, and count on their talent to take advantage of new market opportunities. Their attitude means that they are in constant movement; they adapt quickly to new environments and change spaces without remaining stagnant.

Also, being born in the middle of the technological boom allows them to use different communication alternatives; new channels, environments, ecosystems, and virtual platforms to work, access new professional offers, and carry out daily activities such as orders and purchases, and reservations.

generation z characteristics

They cannot conceive of a world without smartphones.

The centennials are the first people born in the digital era known. In this way, they do not envision the world without mobile devices, be it smartphones or tablets. These young people have an excellent command of technological trends and spend several hours a day, from 6 to 10, connected to the Internet.

According to the young people of generation Z, it is relevant to project an active digital image. Therefore, through their digital profiles, they explicitly show all the aspects related to their daily lives.

For this generation, how other netizens perceive them on the web is relevant. It is essential to show and share their experiences, which are meaningless if they are not published. The fact that virtual social relationships have developed in the heyday has influenced how these young people prefer to meet and start relationships with other people.

Statistics from the generation use social networks to communicate, interact, and exchange and inform themselves. This circumstance motivates them to have any incomplete or superficial perception of the world around them and not have general knowledge (or general culture).

Another of the data produced by the study is related to the attachment that its members have to technology: 

66% of the analyzed sample affirmed that they would vote if the elections were held online. Also, 44% say that they would increase the probability of attendance at the polls if sent an early warning in a text message. On the other hand, it was found that 24% of young people less than 23 years of age are always connected to the Internet.

They are used to fast downloads and have a multitude of conversations simultaneously on their social networks.

Gen Z likes immediacy. In other words, these young people are fond of ultra-fast connections, which allow them to search and download the information they need in a few seconds.

This marked trend is because they have had direct access to technology and the Internet; it can be said that it is part of their lifestyle. Likewise, they rely on technological advances every time they need to take action and get what they want easily and quickly.

However, this high availability has made them impatient in all aspects of life. They want to achieve all goals in the short term and underestimate the results that can be completed in the medium and long time; they don’t focus on alternatives that pay off after several years.

On the other hand, centennials are constantly using social media to communicate with each other and meet new people. They have the habit of talking to several individuals simultaneously, which has led to the presence of inconsistencies in both their oral and written expression.

They are individualistic and self-centered.

Most of the photos these young people share on their social profiles are selfish. Likewise, it can be said that they show themselves as they are, do not intend to change themselves to meet the beauty standards imposed by society, and are against erasing the imperfections of their photographs.

They are very supportive.

The young people of this generation are empathetic and supportive. They have a high facility for making friends on the digital plane. Also, it highlights its high social and environmental commitment. They feel responsible for the care and conservation of their environment and the planet. It is common to see how, on the social networks of their choice, they launch contests or projects that aim to provide the best possible solution to the problems present in their community, their locality, their country, or the world.

The fact of being born in much more flexible and heterogeneous environments marked by the fight for gender equality, the presence of citizens with different customs, traditions, and nationalities, and respect and acceptance of sexual diversity have contributed to this virtue’s development.

Another point related to raising awareness of the world around them is that they were born in a widely stigmatized stage by the threat that climate change poses to the world and the survival of some species on the planet.

They are nonconformists

This generation is not content with reaching the same goals as their predecessors, such as finding a good job, having a home, and starting a family. They have high aspirations and are not limited to achievements.

In this way, it has been found that the average age of the entrepreneur has decreased considerably in recent times. It is appreciated that the average age to have a company was more significant than 35 years or more in previous generations. However, the period that is emerging for these young people is 24 years.

They are a target suitable for marketing to influencers.

Among the traits that define post-millennials is the fact that they value more the criteria issued by people. Especially if they have a vast community of followers and an excellent reputation in a given sector, for this reason, the figure of influencers plays a fundamental role in the decision-making of these young people, who put in the background the criteria of companies, institutions, and other associations of different kinds.

Some of the studies carried out with a sample population confirm that around 17% of these boys state they are ready to start a business. Also, the university degrees demanded by companies, with them, become less necessary.

The use of social networks and other digital channels is part of the priorities of centennials: the criteria issued by YouTubers and influencers play a decisive role in their mode of action, carrying out daily and professional activities interacting with people and the environment that surrounds you. Likewise, generation z characteristics see entrepreneurs as role models.

In short, Generation Z is a digital native, and the use of smartphones is essential for its members. Likewise, their tastes, relationships, and priorities are linked to the information they perceive in the digital world. On the other hand, they are distinguished by being creative, and they like to learn by themselves. They have extensive knowledge of technological trends and a high capacity to find solutions making efficient use of available resources. Immediacy is another characteristic that distinguishes Generation Z. These young people obtain the data of their interest in an accelerated way.