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Innovative business ideas: The (not-so-secret) formula for creating business

Innovative business ideas; how to create and what is the formula? Are you looking to develop a business idea that is original and works? I have good news: the procedure is not so secret, and I will share it in this article today.

Throughout history, especially in recent decades, when technology is increasingly involved in our lives, specific patterns can be seen in this process of building successful business ideas.

We will delve into this, but before, I want to leave you with a reflection…

The current context is a perfect time to create an original idea and transform it into a profitable business. Especially if you plan to use an online channel: the penetration of e-commerce in the last 5 months grew what previously took years to achieve. Impressive, right? A successful business can give you a chance to enjoy real money casinos.

The formula of an innovative business idea

Where to start? I will tell you the elements that cannot be missing when you start thinking and building the different options for your new business.

It has to be something you are passionate about: Do you know the famous phrase of Confucius? “Choose a job you love and never have to work a day in your life.” Beyond the romanticization of this philosopher, the basic concept that he proposes is essential. Suppose you do not choose a theme, industry, or product you are passionate about. In that case, going through those more difficult or unstable moments will be more challenging than any business idea. Success has to go.

  • Must solve a problem or need:

To the previous point, it should not be confused with putting together only the product that you want or have in mind. The key is to put the consumer first. For this, your business idea must solve a problem. So it is essential to understand how people’s basic needs work. Once you understand basic needs try a visit

  • It cannot cover the entire market:

A profitable business idea has to be clear about a particular target audience. And the more specific that market segment is, the easier it will be to act effectively.

Steps to create profitable business ideas

We will detail the steps to follow to develop a successful brand or product.

Step 1: Identify the opportunity

Considering the elements, we saw previously, the first step is to find your original business idea. It could be brand new or, more likely, something that already exists. Still, you found a different way of doing it (improving how it’s currently working).

Step 2: Understand the market

The next step is understanding the context in which your business idea will coexist. For this, I propose two strategies:

  • Market research:investigate and analyze the current situation of your market niche.
  • Benchmarking:understand the leading players in your industry and how they are managed. For example: What are your sales channels? How are your advertising and dissemination strategies? What are the differentials of your products?

Step 3: Develop the proposal

Have you identified a business opportunity, done your homework, and thoroughly researched the current situation of that market and the competitors? Excellent. It’s time to get to work and develop your value proposition.

For this, it is critical in this instance to take up, on the one hand, that problem or need that your business idea is going to solve and, on the other, the characteristics of the market segment that you will attack.

Taking these things into account, you have to ask yourself what will be the added value you will provide them. How are you going to propose something different from what currently exists?

Step 4: Analyze the market fit

Once you have your value proposition clear, it is time to assess whether your product meets or “fits” well with market demand. Knowing if people are willing to pay for your product is a key step in the success of an innovative business idea.

It will allow you to validate your idea with your market segment and adapt it based on what you observe from their response.

It is already proven that delaying developing a business idea is not convenient until it is ideally put together. It is better to work in stages and launch earlier versions precisely to test and iterate on the necessary aspects.

That way, there is the less initial investment and more testing, which leads to a more solid result according to the market’s actual demand.

Step 5: Plan for the long term

It is essential to plan your business idea not only for the current market state but also to consider where your industry’s consumption habits are heading.

It will allow you to have a long-term projection, building solid foundations for your idea to become a successful company or brand, and above all, sustainable over time.