Companies Ban Business Travel Due to Swine Flu: Influenza A Virus H1N1 Outbreaks Cause Corporations to Halt Travel

With the total number of U.S. cases of H1N1, or swine flu, reaching 150, many corporations and organizations are instituting policies to protect their employees.

2009 swine flu pandemic - Wikipedia

Companies Ban Employee Travel

The National Business Travel Association (NBTA) encourages companies to continue to make informed and measured business decisions regarding traveling during the spread of swine flu. “It’s important that companies and individuals continue to receive straight-forward, scientifically-based information from public officials so they can make informed decisions.,” said NBTA President and CEO Kevin Maguire in a statement.

Cynthia McKay, CEO of Le Gourmet Gift Basket based in Parker, Colorado, oversees 510 domestic and international franchise. In an interview, she said ahe placed a ban on all employee travel – including her own – when Colorado experienced its first case of the swine flu. “All of my employees and myself are currently banned from travel,” she said. “With two cases of swine flu discovered in Colorado, we have decided that all travel will be canceled until further notice.

“I personally fly over 80,000 miles a year, as do my trainers and sales people. It is my feeling that rescheduling a few trips outweigh the possibility that we may be subjected to the flu and, therefore, lose days or weeks from work.”

Emergency Preparedness Plans in Place

In addition to employee travel restrictions, many companies are launching their own emergency preparedness plans, including special phone numbers for updated flu information and employee Web sites with preparedness information.

Le Gourmet Gift Basket requires that any employee showing any symptoms must stay home. In addition, additional soaps, masks and disinfectants have been placed in offices, by phones and in other public areas.

American Specialty Health, a national wellness company that employs more than 700 people in San Diego, CA, said in an interview that it has convened its Pandemic Committee and is implementing stringent precautions. These include:

  • distributing employee alerts and posters regarding swine flu symptoms and preventive measures temporarily postponing employee group events and meetings, especially those including food handling and outside visitors;
  • requiring doctor’s notes of good health from anyone who has recently visited Mexico; requesting that employees who develop or are experiencing flu-like symptoms stay home or work from home;
  • and requiring doctor’s notes of good health from anyone who has experienced or is experiencing flu-like symptoms, or has been in contact with individuals experiencing symptoms.

In addition, American Specialty Health has also put together a travel kit for business travelers, which includes a mask, hand sanitizer and flu tips. Masks and travel tips have also been distributed to employees using public transportation or who wish to wear them at the office or outside of the office.

Web Seminars Replace In Person Group Meetings ·

Instead of in-person meetings, which present another opportunity for germs to spread in an enclosed space, many corporations are going virtual. American Specialty Health has converted essential group meetings that include outside visitors to webinars and temporarily closing the building to outside visitors and restricting business visitors

Companies are taking action to help prevent the spread of H1N1, or swine flu, including reducing or eliminating travel, keeping sick employees home, and turning to web seminars for meetings.…

6 Productivity Hacks to Make Room for More Mischief

As a business owner and entrepreneur I’m always picking up tips and tricks that help maximize the level of energy and focus I can put into my work.

How to work from home: Top 11 productivity hacks

 I specialize in marketing, advertising, TV and brand consulting. When you’re in this field it’s hard to ignore the creative world that you live and breath in. To go with the creative theme l’m going to hook you up with some creative ways to ‘hack’ your daily routine so you can make the most of each day on a professional and personal level.

 Plan your day the night before – Get ahead of the game and make a list before you go to bed, write these down on an actual piece of paper, of the things that you want and need to get done the next day. The best way to make the most of this is to prioritize these tasks based on how important and timely they are. Now instead of waking up and trying to figure out what you need to do you have a routine set up so you can’t focus your attention and thinking on getting these things done! It’s true that small changes make huge differences.

 Kill the snooze button – People on average waste 3 1/2 months of their life by hitting the snooze button. The truth is that those extra couple of minutes actually make it harder for you to wake up and hurts your productivity. CNN did a great write-up on this if you’d like to learn more. Don’t mess with your sleep! If you’re looking for some tips on breaking this habit then don’t worry I’ve got your back.

 Bulletproof Coffee – Dave Asprey is a master at ‘bio-hacking’ and he’s come up with an amazing, and delicious way to kick off your day. I start every day with a cup of this liquid goodness and I’ve never been more focused and energized so I’m ready to crush the day. Check out what this stuff is all about right here! Making this stuff has turned into a daily ritual I look forward to and honestly the more discipline you have in life the better off you are.

Time Tracker – So you’re the type of person that works for yourself. The freedom is amazing BUT it’s way too easy to get off track and lose yourself on Facebook or Twitter. Well not anymore! Check out the Rescue Time website for a free trial or sign up on Slim Timer for a free account. There are more options out there so feel free to try the ones I’ve listed above or find one that works best for you. Accountability is the key word here and these are the type of tools that will keep you focused so you can maximize your time. You probably don’t even realize how much time you’re wasting every day!

 Food – I’m not here to preach to you about diets or eating better because the internet is full of that! All I’m going to say here is that food is like your fuel. Make sure that throughout the day you’re giving your body the fuel that it needs to function at an optimum level. The main reason for bringing this up is that I see a lot of business people ‘get lost’ in their work and miss out on meals. The few moments that it takes to keep your body happy make a huge difference in the way your day goes!

 Know when to unplug – Burnout isn’t a fun or healthy thing. Yes working hard and putting everything you have into work is a great quality but every now and then you need to put the phone down, close up the laptop and just enjoy life. Meditation and hitting the gym are 2 things that personally work for me. Find things that you like and give yourself a chance to be normal and relax. Stress isn’t a motivator!

 These are only a few of the things that work for me and I don’t expect them to work for everyone. We all find our own ‘cocktail’ of things that work for us and make our own life better. Have fun trying some new things and exploring what works best for you. In business, and in life, nobody else is going to watch out or take care of you so do it to it!…

Why Digital Marketing is Imperative to the Growth of New Medical and Dental Offices

There are a number of things you can do to boost search engine optimization. However, advanced SEO can provide more exposure to your site as well as your office. The more of this exposure the site receives, the greater is the opportunity for helping clients. Investing in advanced procedures may improve the awareness of your organization beyond what keywords and advertising campaigns provide.

Digital Marketing and its Scope in Bangladesh 2020 | HYPE Dhaka

1. Engaging New Clients

One of the biggest reasons to optimize the website is to engage new clients. It’s important to attract those who may not know you exist. As more than 80% of adults use the Internet on a regular basis in the United States, it’s vital to connect to those looking for medical assistance. When you invest in advanced SEO practices, you’re more likely to target those individuals.

2. Increasing Awareness

In order to attract new clients, you need to boost the awareness of your practice. The goal of most optimization techniques is to inform others your office exists. As a result, more people see your website through a variety of procedures. When you run a search on your practice, does it appear in the first page of the results? Many professionals do not. This is usually because they lack proper SEO strategies.

Search engines are not the only way to get your office locally recognized. As many SEO procedures involve social media marketing, your investment could target those within your community as well. Companies such as Solution21 offer social media marketing to dentists and doctors as a separate service as well as an addition to their stand-alone SEO service. This can also vastly affect “word-of-mouth” advertising as friends and family could share your content with even more people.

3. Long-term Effectiveness

A lot of advanced SEO procedures are considered long-term. This means they will continue to work for you for a longer duration than some other tactics. In fact, it’s not uncommon for custom content to be relevant years down the road. Many optimization practices may continue to influence new clients because the information remains valid. Therefore, the adjustments made today will impact your practice over long periods of time.

4. Authority and Relevance Enhances Trust

Building authority in your industry enhances trust within your name. Advanced SEO practices has potential to deliver that sense of authority. You need future clients to feel they are in good hands when visiting your establishment. People in need will be more likely to visit your medical practice for this reason.

Keeping your website authoritative and relevant is also more likely to be shared in social platforms. If the site has a social element installed, visitors could act as a marketing tool without additional investments. In that case, your information could reach others you may not be able to target in terms of advertising. It also enhances the likelihood of creating something that goes viral. In this instance, your website could reach thousands of people in a very short amount of time.

5. Builds on Reputation

Your reputation can make or break your practice. Advanced SEO practices often include keeping an eye on how the world views you. Many clients will base setting up an appointment on this reputation alone. You want to make sure that they are seeing you in a positive light. Otherwise, you’ll need assistance to govern over damage control. Because the Internet gives anyone a voice over any topic, a bad experience by one person can quickly spread like digital wildfire.

6. Improving Visitor Experience

Optimization doesn’t merely include the best keywords in custom content. It’s the overall experience visitors have when visiting the website that could prompt a lead. By implementing advanced SEO procedures on your pages, you could instill confidence within potential clients. An easy-to-use interface, well-designed graphics and easy-to-find information all play roles in how professional these individuals could view your medical practice.

In reality, the website is a digital version of your office. It needs to exude the same professionalism you would find in your own waiting room. If it’s too haphazard or clunky, it could hurt future relations. A fully functional, mobile-responsive design is a necessity if you want to provide a professional and engaging atmosphere for future clients.

7. Top of Listings

Finally, advanced SEO will help your site reach the top of search engine listings faster than without. This is important because it can help you surpass the competition. When someone searches for your services online, being ahead of competing offices can put more people in your waiting room. A large portion of people looking for services through their mobile devices tend to select the first name they come across. It’s optimization that will influence whether or not your office is the one these clients select.

Although some SEO practices can be done by yourself, there …

3 Things Socialism Taught me About Being an Entrepreneur

I want to preface this post by stating that I am not here to discuss politics.  I have my views, which you can probably gather from the post you are about to read, but you have your own, and neither of them matter when it comes to being a growthhacker, founder, entrepreneur, CMO, CIO, CEO, social media evangelist, digital consultant, well I think my point is made.

Entrepreneurship Vs Education

What is important to all of the aforementioned positions within an organization is mindset, and that is what I am going to discuss.  The mission is to inform and teach you how to make the most out of the least, and often times, that aligns closely with socialist (as an ideology, not a political party) mindset.

So, with that said, here are 3 things I’ve learned about being a founder and entrepreneur from Socialist ideology.

1) Socialism is incentive based, as workers in a socialist society act more as worker-owners.  If you are the founder of a multi-million dollar valued tech startup, you can attest to this.  Your reward is not in your salary, as it should be quite meager (trust me), rather, your reward is in the end, a major merger or acquisition, where you can liquidate equity for a job well done and delivering on your promises to investors, stakeholders, and employees.  Imagine if this was the case for venture capitalists.  A VC is supposed to be a true partner, imagine if they were rewarded entirely or nearly entirely based on an incentive based system.  I’ve learned by adopting this mindset that the CEO always eats last.

2) The design of Socialism was to create a society where individuals were free to express their genuine interests and have creative freedom.  Because a Socialistic society is designed to remove the “survival of the fittest” mentality, it creates a more uninhibited individual because the desire to constantly strive for a specific class of ownership is removed.  Personally, the more I’ve let go of societal norms and have been willing to buck trends, the better I’ve become as an entrepreneur because I begin to see things others do not because my mind is more free.  As a tech founder, this is vital to success because your world moves extremely fast.

3) Socialism creates an autonomous individual.  Because Socialism is incentive based, and you have worker-owners, who have creative freedom, a strong sense of ownership is created over their work.  Since every individual worker is a true stakeholder in an operation, the coercive manner that is represented in a more vertical, capitalistic society is thus removed.  This creates an autonomous individual worker who does not feel alienated by his/her work. Rather you develop a worker who is engaged and emotionally attached to their work and takes true ownership of it.

If you would like some follow up reading or recommended books for entrepreneurs, please take a moment to check out my list of…

The Pomodoro Technique: 4 Simple Principles to Eliminate Burnout, Avoid Distractions, and Create Actual Work/Life Balance.

The irony that I write so much about productivity, making the most of the time we have, and working smarter…not harder is that I used to be the antithesis of what I now espouse.

Pomodoro Technique or 25-Minutes Rule. - S. Sharva Manivannan - Medium

I would regularly work 80 hour weeks, and what my amazingly understanding girlfriend can attest to, have been known to slip some 100 hour workweeks in there as well.

The sad thing is, I wore it all as a badge of honor.  I was so inundated with being inundated, that I was completely oblivious to the toll it was taking on my well being, both emotionally and physically.

It unfortunately, took some serious health implications for me to wise up; an all out adrenal shutdown to be precise. I was unfathomably fatigued, my body now unable to control autonomous responses like body temperature. I, someone who loves human interaction and great conversation, became horribly anxious in any social setting because my brain stopped working, and I could no longer process the appropriate words that I wanted to come out of my mouth.

Fortunately I learned my lesson and it forced me to gain new perspective in life, and that is why I now am such a passionate advocate and geek with productivity, efficiency, and hacking.

All that said, my overwhelming and inundating workload wasn’t going anywhere so I had to take a new approach.

Here is the technique I learned and now utilize to cut hours out and eventually save days, and in the long run, probably years on my life.

It’s called the Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique will seem too simple, however, when applied, you will be amazed at it’s effectiveness.  The main reason it is so effective, is that when applied, it requires unbridled focus from you, something we struggle with mightily and don’t realize just how much quick glances at our text messages, email, and social networks can affect our focus and subsequent productivity.

Here are the 4 Basic Principles.

  1. Don’t fight time by working against it.
  2. Avoid and ideally eliminate all burnout.
  3. Manage or eliminate distractions.
  4. Focus on work/life balance

Don’t fight time by working against it. Many of us get caught up in the proverbial rat race of life and are constantly fighting the clock by attempting to race against it.  The Pomodoro Technique changes this mindset and teaches you to embrace the time you have, rather than trying to work against it.  This simple change to your mindset can have incredible results alone.

Avoid and ideally eliminate all burnout. A focus on short, scheduled, frequent breaks will keep the mind from wandering when trying to focus on a desired task and also help avoid mental and physical burnout from working too many hours too consistently. This helps you get so much more out of the time you do utilize.

Manage or eliminate distractions. The entire world is busy, too busy.  We are constantly bombarded with distractions and constantly cause our own as well. Email that isn’t urgent, text messages that can wait, what you’re going to wear to a wedding in a couple weeks, agonizing over what you’ll eat for dinner tonight.  These are all distractions that suck productivity and efficiency out of you. Proper application of the Pomodoro Technique will remove all of these aside from an alotted time for them.

Focus on work/life balance. Many of us have come to what we consider a realization and simple fact of life that “work/life balance” is a thing of the past.  It’s that exact mindset that keeps us running this rat race that we run though.  If we kindly accept our fate as many of us do, we do nothing to change our circumstances. The Pomodoro Technique teaches a focus on work/life balance because it is about the bigger picture; an understanding that the more time we take away from work to spend on our own wellness, whatever that entails for you personally, the more effective and efficient we become while working, allowing us to accomplish far more in far less time.

So how does this work?

  1. Choose a task, just a single task to complete.
  2. Set a timer for 25 minutes.  Do set an actual timer!
  3. Work on that task until the timer sounds indicating your 25 minutes are up.
  4. Take a 5 minute break. (This is considered a “Pomodoro”. I will have completed 3 “Pomodoros” by the time I finish this blog)
  5. Repeat these steps 3-4 more times, then take a 15 minute break.

Why does this work?

The key is in the 25 minutes of highly attentive, focused work. Since the commitment to avoiding all distractions is only 25 minutes, it sets us up for success, as anyone can commit 25 minutes to wholly focus on a single task.

As a result, you …

Getting the Best Bang for your Buck in your Business

We all need to advertise to get our name out there when we run a business. But where are some of the best places to get our advertising resources? Here are some websites that you can try out to help you advertise your business.

Strengthening Your Business Financing with Proof of Market | BXNO

This is a great resource for business supplies. They have items such as business cards, window decals, pens, and hats. Start by signing up for their specials, and they will email you ever few days with all their free offers. They truly are free! You pay the shipping, which is padded to help cover the printing costs, but you can’t beat the prices. It seems the most you can get for free is $150 worth of product per order. You can’t find those prices anywhere else. The emails never seem to expire, and you can get all the items in the email on one order. If you aren’t an artist, that is fine as they have a wide variety of templates that you can use to advertise your business. They are set up so that you can buy all your advertising materials to match which will help you to establish your brand and identity.

These are great sites for resources for direct sales! They will give you all sorts of stickers and knowledge for you to use. Most of the products come made for the various industries – candles, romance, home décor, and others. If your industry is not represented, chances are you can find some generic items that will assist you in your business. They also offer different types of training for you to use.

Classified Websites

Pick your favourite websites and put up your ads for free! Sites like Craigslist, Kijiji, and others will let you put your ads up at no cost and then try to sell you add-ons. Be careful, as some of these are user run and they will report you ads and have them removed. Make sure you follow the rules as to what categories you can and cannot post in. Small business ads and events are great location to advertise your business. You’ll be amazed at what kind of interest you can generate! Search the sites and you will also find other places that you can set up advertising such as events.

Social Networking sites

MySpace, Facebook, and many others are great to advertise your business. They say if you build it, they will come, which is very true! These you have to be more diligent with, as the more people see you, the more likely they will contact you for more information. One thing to beware of is how many people you add at a time, as this can be seen as spam and get you booted.

Google or other Search Engines

Go to your favourite search engine, type in your city and free advertising and see what results you get. Usually you will find many websites that will allow you to advertise on them for free. Just make sure to pay attention to their terms of service, as some will delete your ads or not allow them in the first place.

This is definitely not an exhaustive list or methods to advertise your business, and there will be other resources that will pop up. But give them a try, see what you think, and hopefully you get some results.…

An Open Letter to my Girlfriend: 5 Unequivocal Reasons my Girlfriend is my Best Productivity Hack Ever

I am one of those serial entrepreneurs.  The kind that just lives for the grind and hustle that goes into the startup process.  That world even more specifically, is brutally lonely.

Why Is Technology Important for Productivity? | Paldesk

You don’t view or perceive the world like anyone else, you spend long hours behind your computer, often times dreaming up things in your head that you can’t even begin to explain to others cause they wouldn’t get it or just look at you like you’re crazy.  And then there’s trying to find and/or make time to fit a potential significant other into your life.  At one point, I literally thought it was impossible, and I made a decision to essentially swear off girls.  Not because I was bitter or spiteful for any reason, or reacting to a bad past relationship, but because I fucking love being an entrepreneur, regardless of how lonely and stressful it is, and it fulfilled me.  I didn’t see how I could have a stable, healthy relationship, and also pursue the life path I was heading down.  It didn’t bother me, rather I embraced it at the time, as a badge of honor showing how dedicated I was to honing my passion and my skill set.

And then I met my girlfriend.

Steven Pressfield, author of War of Art, a must read and staple for all artists, entrepreneur, athletes, et cetera, discusses how you have two distinct times in your life: before and after you turn pro.  I am proud to say that I have turned pro in my life, and I can also attribute meeting my girlfriend and her subsequent influence in my life as the core reason I was able to get past some of the biggest areas of what Pressfield refers to as Resistance, in my life, and turn pro.

So many of us forever live our lives as amateurs, because turning pro is a mindset, a discipline, not a title; and I have my girlfriend to thank for being the single most critical factor that kept me from being an amateur, a hard working, successful on the surface, piece of shit amateur.

Here are my 5 reasons why my girlfriend is unequivocally, the single greatest productivity hack in my life:

1. I Feel Her Presence When She’s Not Around

I now know what it means to have a separate, but entirely equal source of motivation in my life.  I imagine this is also what it feels like when you have children; that one person or persons that you live every moment for.

I don’t lack in the intrinsic motivation department and never have.  For whatever reason, I’ve just always known that I need to bust my ass to achieve whatever it is that I want to achieve in life, however, this is entirely different.  I still have that deep seeded intrinsic motivation, but now I have an entirely separate, secondary source of motivation in the form of my girlfriend.

The best part about this source of motivation is that it’s also entirely intrinsic.  She doesn’t purposefully drive, or push me, rather, it’s my love for her and wanting to do all I can for her that drives me on a daily basis.  The mere thought of her can keep me motivated through the most stressful times, yet it’s also my knowing that whatever I do in life, that she will support me that indirectly makes me want to be a better person and professional.  Her presence has a lasting effect that carries over into all I do and has now become my biggest source of motivation and inspiration in all I do, not just business related.

2. Balance

Life is chaotic for all of us, in all we do.  In many ways, it’s a sign of the times.  I tend to thrive in chaos and feel most comfortable there.  Like the good kind of chaos though, not anything negative.  Despite that and the environment in which I tend to thrive, it also takes a toll over time, sometimes far too quickly.

Prior to meeting my girlfriend, I hadn’t really realized the toll it actually took on me because I deal with stressful situations pretty well and always took it as part of the territory essentially.  I was also an amateur then.

I now realize just how vital to my success it is having that person, a true better half, to balance you out.  I’m a passionate, highly emotional (not in a dramatic way), roller coaster type of personality; and she is not.  Her even keel and calm demeanor is the most rejuvenating and refreshing thing in the world for my neurotic ass.  I work very hard and put my heart and soul into what I do, and can take things too personally, or invest myself too much into others …

Female Managers Own the Future: The Case for a Bright Future for Women in Management

This has powerful implications for female managers and the way companies are managed. One of which is what it means to consider the complete life of employees and not just their work life. Managers have to look beyond the observable portions or even the masks visible during work experiences and consider the whole person, not just the visible part.

The bias perception of male and female managers - Moodbit - Medium

Implications for Women in Management

People and relationships are much more strategic assets than they have been. In this world of speed, everyone, not just senior management, has to be thinking about and creating collaborative relationships.

The organizational structure from now on will be the result of relationships, not the cause of them. Many present structures reflect legacy management systems and are supported by detailed information that is largely irrelevant to managing the organization. How is a strategic concern like relationships quantified into an information system?

Networks require a different style of leadership. It stands to reason that the type of leadership that would be appropriate for a hierarchy would be inappropriate for a network. This involves a whole new paradigm in the way organizations are managed. Like Columbus, there are no maps so simply improving the existing ways of doing things will not solve the problem.

The skills required to function in this environment are the polar opposite to the competitive traits that have led to this. The demand is for those skilled in the ability to work in teams, network, work in community, and communicate well. Styles based on competitiveness, turf building and protecting are a thing of the past.

Enter the Female Manager

We are now in the era of female management. Few male managers seem to possess the relationship traits that are so important. This does not mean that males are doomed. Those who will be successful will pay more attention to how the women as a group seem to be able to work together and use that as their model. Those traits that bumped against the glass ceiling of the past are the very traits that will be keys to entry to the executive suite in the future.

Why Might this be So?

It took tens of thousands of years of selective evolution to create human traits. That surge of adrenaline felt when a loud noise goes off nearby took thousands of years to perfect. Those of who did not feel that surge when startled were not able to achieve that added boost to protect themselves from sudden danger. They perished and did not pass along their genes.

The profound implication is that the events that caused people to become what they are take eons to leave their imprint. Today’s competition means companies do not have those long periods of time to evolve.

A cursory history of human evolution reveals the implications for management. As people evolved, men were the hunters and the women were the gatherers. It required different sets of skills to be good at each. The women tended to the social fabric of the primitive community, helped tend to the sick, and they helped each other with the birthing and rearing of the young. They developed the skills and instincts that reflected a social world.

Men had to be quiet and territorial to be efficient hunters. They could not be successful while making noise and they certainly couldn’t allow others to be hunting in their space. To survive they had to learn to be quiet and work alone. The outcome is now groups of men are noticeably more restrained in their communications and relating than groups of women. Men are also more competitive and protective of their turf.

More Evidence from Today

This sentiment spills over into some pretty hard evidence in society. Examine the relative difference in prison populations to get a hint of which gender seems to have the more difficult time relating. On an economic basis just look at the relative differences in activity between mothers day and fathers day. Who gets the most and longest calls on their day?

Society recognizes at a deep and broad level the relationship skills of the female gender. Now it is time for companies to recognize their potential importance as managers.…

Business Air Travel To Jersey, Channel Islands

Jersey is the largest of all the Channel Islands and along with its sister island of Guernsey is a well-established Offshore Financial Centre. These islands are situated between the French Coast and the South Coast of England, making them easily accessible from both the UK and Mainland Europe with the former being as little as thirty minutes flight away.

The Coronavirus May Make Us Think Twice About Business Travel ...

Air Travel to Jersey, Channel Islands

Travelling to the island of Jersey is both quick and hassle-free from European locations such as Paris, Geneva and Zurich in addition to multiple UK airports with links to London (Gatwick/City), Manchester, Southampton, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Birmingham and the Isle of Man. The majority of air routes are operated by Blue Islands, Flybe and Aurigny.

Jersey Airport Facilities

Jersey Airport has excellent facilities for both business and leisure travellers with a range of eateries, shops (including World Duty Free, WHSmith, Jersey Pearl and Jersey Pottery), Internet access, cash dispensers and Beureau du Change.

Executive lounges are provided by Flybe and British Airways (located past security) while Blue Islands and Aurigny are both able to offer their passengers comfortable waiting lounges.

Flybe Business Travel

Flybe operate the vast majority of the travel routes into Jersey including regular flights from London (Gatwick), Exeter, Southampton, Birmingham, Cardiff, Machester, Bristol, Norwich and Doncaster. For business travellers, Flybe offer an Economy Plus service which includes flexible tickets, priority check-in, fast-tracked security, double reward points, 40kg hold luggage and pre-flight seat booking.

Free Internet connection as well as complimentary drinks and snacks are available in the Flybe Executive Lounges, offering excellent opportunities for business travellers to escape the crowds and check in with the office.

Blue Islands Business Travel

Blue Islands operate convenient travel links between Jersey and the Isle of Man, Geneva, Southampton, Zurich and the other Channel Islands of Guernsey and Alderney. The benefits of flying with Blue Islands include comfortable passenger lounges offering complimentary refreshments, online check-in, ticket change up to one hour prior to departure and bus travel from the departure lounge to right outside the aircraft.

There is a frequent flyer Business Advantage account facility, where for every ten flights travelled one return is free, including E-ticket travel, free name changes and free flight changes. This package makes travel much simpler with each member/business having a private online booking account.

As highlighted above, Jersey is easily accessible for passengers travelling from a range of European and UK destinations. Business travel facilities include the use of executive lounges with Internet access available throughout the airport.…

Businesses Looking for Green Incentives: Companies Are Thinking Eco-Proactive – Few Are Implementing

The green initiative has been highly successful at reaching consumers in their homes. Curb-side recycling continues to make its way into neighborhoods across the United States. People are finding numerous ways to reduce waste, reuse products and reduce their carbon footprints.

Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Exploring “Company Personas” for ...

Nonetheless, according to recent research, the success rate is slightly lower when it comes to businesses implementing green.

Survey Says….

Rackspace, a company that serves the information technology world with server hosting, conducted a green survey in 2017 and again in 2018 to see who was green, or who was thinking of implementing green initiatives. The results show that companies have the desire but not necessarily the financial willingness to go green.

When survey respondents were asked how green their company is, 52 percent reported they were taking the first steps such as shutting off lights or recycling but only 17 percent said they were taking significant steps such as selecting green vendors or educating workers about green.

Thirty percent said they were not willing to pay a premium for products or services that follow the green initiative.

More Survey Results

The Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc (ESG) surveys thousands of IT and business professionals annually to determine current initiatives and emerging technologies. In a report recently published titled, IT Powers Green Business, (June 2008), authors Mary Johnston Turner, John McKnight, Tony Prigmore and Steve Duplessie show that most business executives expect green business programs to effect their businesses for the next 20 years.

The report details the results of a survey sent to one thousand business professionals. Ninety percent of the respondents said they are recycling, using waste management or reducing waste. Over 65 percent said they have changed manufacturing or other core business processes to green. Significant green initiatives such as telecommuting, sourcing alternative or renewable fuels or using a carbon credit or offset program were all at less than 45 percent.

Green Needs to Age to Grow

The green movement certainly is not new, its history is long and varied. This particular movement starting with this new century has just started to pick up the steam it needs to be successful. Green is here to stay. Eco business practices need a bit more time to catch up and make a difference.

Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times columnist and best-selling author released his latest book, Hot, Flat and Crowded (Farrar, Straus and Girous, New York, 2008), which is about the global environmental crisis. Friedman suggests that the United States can take a unique and meaningful lead in saving the environment. One way to get that leadership started is for businesses to jump ahead and set the example.

Companies are realizing the long-term planning they will at some point have to incorporate, they just need more time and possibly more incentives to do so.…