Why I Became a Transcendental Tech Founder

Why I Became a Transcendental Tech Founder

It consumes you.  It forces you to make terrible decisions.  It affects relationships.  It sucks the life out of you. Why I became a transcendental tech founder brief you.

My startup is on the verge of launching our biggest partnership ever.  Everything on the surface is incredible, however, it’s everything you don’t see, the stress, the hours worked on no sleep, and did I mention the stress?  But you don’t complain, how could you?  So much hard work and sacrifice is coming to fruition and in a big way.

And I’m not the only one.  Chances are if you’re reading this, you can relate on some level, transcendental,  at some point in your life.  So what do we do?


We rid ourselves of the bullshit.

For myself, I woke up this very morning, and for some reason, decided today was the day.  Every single item in my life that doesn’t positively affect my life, doesn’t contribute to the success I so desire, and acts as a distraction is being liquidated, donated, or recycled.

I have responsibilities to others; employees, investors, friends, and myself to devote everything I can to be a better leader, CEO, and human being.  You don’t have to run a tech company or be dealing with overwhelming stress to make these changes either transcendental.  At a minimum, you are the CEO of your life, and you owe it to every stakeholder in your life to be the best CEO you can be.

So what do we do?

We make changes.  Not tomorrow.  Not in a few months, days, or hours.  We change NOW.

Whatever you need to do, do it; you will instantly feel an enormous weight lifted off your shoulders.  A weight you didn’t even realize was there until it’s been whisked away by clutter and things that over time literally “weigh” down on your existence.

What did I do?

I made three lists.

List one: Everything I absolutely need in life to be the best individual I can be.

Lest two: Everything I can think of that I own that does not contribute to that.

List three: Everything I want to pursue with the newfound focus, productivity, and free time that’s “magically” going to ensue.

This is what I did, whatever you need to do is up to you, but if you are starting to feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, I suggest you do something now transcendental.