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Save Time and Money with Rack Repair Systems

When an accident happens in any business operation, it always causes losses of revenue due to slowdowns and the costs of repairs. But when a warehouse suffers an accident, it can be particularly dangerous to your employees as well. But rack repair systems can quickly alleviate the potential danger to employees and get your warehouse operations up and running again quickly, saving you both time and money.

Warehouse racks are the most efficient ways to organise products for picking and shipping operations. But they necessitate stacking products and materials up off the warehouse floor so forklifts and pallet jacks can access needed products.

But this leaves the racking uprights vulnerable to collisions from forklifts and pallet jacks. Many warehouses seek to minimise damage to racking by constructing barriers around the ends of racking aisles.

But by protecting uprights that are already rated to withstand a collision with a forklift, you are simply reducing the usable space in your warehouse, perhaps unnecessarily. As long as you limit the speeds of forklifts and pallet jacks and the racking is rated to hold the amount of weight it holds safely, these barriers can be unnecessary.

Accidents Happen in Warehouses

On the other hand, warehouses are busy places, and warehouse racks have to be strong enough to withstand the occasional collision with a forklift and not collapse under the force of the collision or the weight of the products on the racks. However, a rack that’s damaged but still standing, still poses a potential danger to employees, not to mention surrounding racks and products.

The management often has to close off that area of the warehouse until the rack can be repaired. This further disrupts warehouse operations and adds to delays in shipping and delivery.

The rack also has to be completely unloaded to be absolutely certain that it doesn’t pose a danger of collapsing. This unloading has to be done safely and slowly, and it often involves an element of danger to employees performing the task.

Money with Rack Repair Systems
Money with Rack Repair Systems

Novel Repair Solution

Now, a company has perfected a novel repair solution that can negate having to choose between safe and possibly sorry. It can have warehouses operating again at normal speed quickly and without the need to unload the damaged racking.

The solution employs hydraulic jacks to relieve stress on the damaged upright and hold it in place until the repairs can be made. The upright is raised only until the pressure of the load is eased so as not to cause any additional damage or spilling.

A custom, the precision-engineered die is then installed around the damaged upright, which provides structural stability three-dimensionally. This renders the damaged rack stable and safe to work around until the upright can be replaced or repaired.

The company that performs the service is called ROS-Thailand. They can save you both time and money whenever your company has a warehouse accident that threatens your operations. To find out more about this revolutionary rack repair system, contact ROS-Thailand today.