8 Small Business Startups for Beginners

Small business start up advice

If you are tired of spending your time and energy working a 9 to 5 job, then you may want to consider opening up your own business. Every year, more individuals try their hand at starting their own business. Some are successful, while others are not, we have given some small business start up advice but the key to opening your business has a good foundation.

The first step you need to consider is a great idea that will provide you with sound groundwork. With any startup business, you will be investing just as much, if not more, time into your new venture – especially in the beginning phases. It means your startup idea has to be sound. Otherwise, your business may not make it to fruition. If you are ready to discover your new career, check out these 8 small business ideas and small business start up advice for beginners.

Small business start up advice

Online Assistant

If an organization is your middle name, then being an online assistant might be your game. There are plenty of online job sites that can get you started on your search for clients who need an assistant. Online assisting is also a low-risk business to get started with. You don’t need much investment money upfront, to begin with.

Web Developer

If you are willing to do the work upfront, becoming a web developer can have huge payoffs in the long run. There is a huge demand for competent developers in the web industry. If you are already a technical guru and enjoy spending time in the digital space, you may be perfect for this gig. Learning coding languages like HTML, CCS and JavaScript is essential to being lucrative in this industry.


While there are millions of veteran Youtubers now, creating unique video content is still a lucrative business to break into. Becoming a successful Youtuber is equal parts content creation and marketing the content. It requires understanding how to rank better in search results in both the Youtube platform and independent search engines themselves like Google.

Travel Consultant

If you love traveling and planning, you can combine both by becoming a travel consultant; if you are always the one in your friend group or family planning the trips for fun, you could turn this hobby into a paying passion by planning trips for clients. It can be very lucrative work if you are creative and good at making beautiful itineraries for your travel clients.

Fitness Coach

Although it might require a great deal of knowledge about the body, fitness coaching can be a fulfilling and effective business to open. Starting a fitness coaching business would entail a ton of nutrition, exercise, and even being personable to clients.

Social Media Manager

In the age of technology and all things digital, there aren’t many people who don’t know how to operate social media. But it does still require some skill and marketing insight to specialize in managing social media pages. It also takes excellent writing skills and the ability to switch between multiple writing styles depending on the brand or client you’re working for.


If you are a language lover and have mastered more than one, you could start a business by freelancing translating gigs. The significant part about this kind of work is that you primarily have the option to work from home or remotely. It is because translators work with converting written language, as opposed to interpreters who convert oral language. So translators can work anywhere in the world!

Custom Jeweler

For all the creatures who are good at working with their hands, making custom jewelry is an excellent option for a small business start up . You can tap into local markets and conventions to sell jewelry or take advantage of online selling platforms such as Etsy.