A Vehicle Protection Plan
A Vehicle Protection Plan

Veritas Global Protection: Answers Why A Vehicle Protection Plan

Once you drive a brand-new vehicle home, you are secured in the knowledge that it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty is an assurance from the manufacturer that you will be covered for repairs, reimbursements, and replacements in case damages occur to the vehicle.

However, this type of protection is limited. If you want better coverage, particularly one that will take effect when and where the manufacturer’s warranty no longer applies, Veritas Global Protection recommends having a vehicle protection plan.

Why a Manufacturer’s Warranty is Not Enough

A manufacturer’s warranty offers limited coverage, expiring after a period of time has passed, or once a specified mileage is reached. In many cases, a manufacturer’s warranty will last for a minimum of 3 years or, in terms of mileage, 30,000 miles, depending on which comes first. The coverage will likely be longer if the manufacturer includes a powertrain warranty.

That should be enough, but what happens after the coverage expires? Veritas Global Protection suggests getting a vehicle protection plan to extend your coverage and ensure your protection.

What Can a Vehicle Protection Plan Do?

A vehicle protection plan is coverage you can purchase as an add-on to cover the period after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. This type of plan will cover maintenance and repair services should they be needed. A vehicle protection plan is not offered by the vehicle manufacturer. Instead, it can be obtained from a third-party company or a dealership.

According to Veritas Global Protection, many vehicle owners underestimate the benefits of a vehicle protection plan. In most cases, you will still receive the same coverage that the manufacturer’s warranty provides. The only difference in the case of a vehicle protection plan is that your protection continues even after the warranty has ended.

One benefit of a vehicle protection plan is that you can have it at the same time as a manufacturer’s warranty. This is a good option if the vehicle protection plan offers coverage for services not included in the limited warranty.

What to Expect from a Vehicle Protection Plan

A vehicle protection plan offers a number of benefits. These include:

Your Choice of Repair Shop

One of the most common complaints that vehicle owners have about limited warranties is that it only allows repairs and replacements at repair shops authorized by the manufacturer. Many vehicle owners have preferred repair shops whose services they trust. In some cases, some authorized repair shops may even be located in areas that are inconvenient to the vehicle owner. With a vehicle protection plan, the owner can have the service/s done in the repair shop of their choice.

Longer Mileage Protection

The vehicle protection plan comes in when the mileage coverage of a vehicle has ceased. As a result, you enjoy longer protection for your vehicle, which means you enjoy more peace of mind and confidence that you are covered long after you can no longer rely on the limited warranty.

Your Choice of Plan

Veritas Global Protection offers different plans to suit the vehicle owner’s needs. Each plan is designed to provide the best services in its class. Furthermore, different plans are available for different types of vehicles, so whether you have a sedan, an SUV, a sports car, or an RV, you can rely on a plan that gives you the protection that is tailor-made for you.


Depending on the type of vehicle/s you own, a vehicle protection plan could save you a good amount of money in repairs and replacements. Since this type of protection will cover some of the most expensive repairs, you could enjoy better savings in the long run.


The cost of a vehicle protection plan will depend on a number of factors, such as the condition of the car – whether it is new or used – the make, model, coverage of the contract, and the period of coverage. Your location will also be used to calculate how much coverage you will have to pay. To determine how much protection you need, get in touch with a reliable protection plan provider like Veritas Global Protection to discuss your requirements.

 A Vehicle Protection Plan
A Vehicle Protection Plan

When Do You Need a Vehicle Protection Plan?

Not every car owner will require a vehicle protection plan. Here are some situations where you may not need one:

  • Your car has a poor history of reliability. Some car models simply have higher incidences of breakdowns. If your warranty covers these repairs, you may not need an extended plan.
  • You intend to use your car for a long time. Some vehicle owners stick with the same car for many years, to a point when the vehicle will cost more to repair than to replace. In this case, they may not benefit much from a vehicle protection plan. The same is true for a vehicle owner who clocks over 20,000 miles yearly.
  • Your car is new and has technologically advanced features. Many car models have high-tech features that are susceptible to failure. You may not need a vehicle protection plan if your manufacturer’s warranty covers this. If it doesn’t, however, getting a plan from a company like Veritas Global Protection will help.
  • You do not use your car often. If you work from home or use your vehicle for short periods or infrequently, it is not likely to break down, become damaged, or need repairs and replacements.
  • Your car is too reliable. Some cars are simply bulletproof in that they score high in reliability. If your car has a low likelihood of becoming damaged, you will not need a protection plan.

Veritas Global Protection

Veritas Global Protection provides vehicle protection plans in the U.S. and in other countries around the globe. They offer plans that cover all types of cars, RVs, sports, exotic, and electric vehicles. Veritas Global Protection ensures complete protection for clients based on their lifestyle and driving requirements by providing them with vehicle protection plans designed to keep people safe and confident on the road.