Company Ethics Example
Company Ethics Example

What is company ethics example?

Corporate or company ethics refer to the moral principles that guide the conduct of a company and its stakeholders, including employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, and the community. This principle of self-guidance involves not only complying with laws and regulations but also conducting business in a way that contributes positively to society and doesn’t harm the environment.

To understand company ethics more clearly, let’s delve into some examples:


One of the shining examples of company ethics is the outdoor apparel company Patagonia. Its mission statement, “We’re in business to save our home planet,” reflects its commitment to ethical conduct.

Patagonia has a comprehensive ethical sourcing policy and is transparent about its supply chain. The company is dedicated to environmental stewardship, constantly innovating to reduce its ecological footprint. Patagonia is a B-Corp (Benefit Corporation), which means it is legally bound to consider the impact of its decisions on employees, customers, suppliers, the community, and the environment, not just its shareholders.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop, a beauty and skincare company, is another example of workplace company ethics. The company was one of the pioneers in promoting cruelty-free products and campaigned against animal testing. Its ethos, “Enrich not Exploit”, stands as a testament to its commitment towards community trade, defending human rights, and protecting the planet.


Salesforce, the cloud computing service provider, is known for its 1-1-1 philanthropic model, which contributes one per cent of the company’s equity, one per cent of its employee’s time, and one per cent of its product to charitable causes. Salesforce has ingrained this giving culture since its inception, fostering a strong sense of social responsibility.

In 2020, the company launched Salesforce Racial Equality and Justice Task Force to combat systemic racism and inequality, demonstrating its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and social justice.

Company Ethics Example Google

Another illustrative example is Google, which has prioritized an ethical approach to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Their guiding principle, “AI should be socially beneficial,” serves as a foundation for responsible AI development, fostering trust among users and society at large.

Google has set up an Advanced Technology External Advisory Council (ATEAC) to monitor its ethical use of AI and assess the potential societal impact of new technologies.


Company ethics, therefore, refer to the moral guidelines and principles that a company follows in its operations. These guidelines go beyond legal obligations and emphasize the company’s commitment to positive societal impact, environmental sustainability, fair labour practices, and responsible sourcing, among others.

Company Ethics Example
Company Ethics Example


While the examples above showcase the best practices of company ethics, it’s important to understand that each company’s ethical framework is unique, reflecting its specific business context, corporate culture, and stakeholder expectations. However, what’s common across all is the commitment to ‘doing the right thing’—not just in pursuing profit, but in the quest to contribute positively to society and the planet.