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Why Sell on Amazon?

Amazon is a household name globally and is a key provider of next-day delivery for pretty much anything you could want. We trust to buy from there, but should we sell from there?

If you are thinking about selling on Amazon as a platform for your business, then you might be wondering what the pros and cons are for going with this option.

There are many reasons people love to sell on Amazon, and this piece is going to cover some excellent examples of just why.

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What Exactly Is Amazon?

Amazon is the world’s largest retailer, along with being an influential cloud and streaming service provider. It has become a household name in its own right and boasts an income of $638 millionper day.

You can get your hands on pretty much anything you can dream of, and have the luxury of it being delivered to your home by the next day as an option.

Amazon has only grown in popularity and saw a significant boost during the pandemic, where many could not leave the house at all. It is a sign that online shopping is here to stay.

Low Beginner Investment

Opening up a store can cost a fortune, and while it is cheaper to create an online store than to open an ‘in-person’ store, it can still cost a pretty penny when you add everything up. The beauty of opening up a store with Amazon is that you already have everything set up for you. You are given access to the 300 million users that shop on Amazon, you are associated with a household name that is trusted, and there is also an extremely easy set-up. This all comes with very low selling fees for those just beginning, which means you have very little to lose trying it out. 

Sell on Amazon
Sell on Amazon

Access to Millions of Customers

When you open up an Amazon storefront, you are already benefiting from the sturdy and reputable name that Amazon has made for itself. With 300 million users on Amazon, you have the chance to reach more customers than you ever could by yourself in such a short space of time.

Many of these customers are devoted to the Amazon experience, with 112 million of them investing in the premium Prime experience.

That being said, while you have the opportunity to reach them, you have to make those important steps to actually get there. This is where PPC comes in! Investing in Amazon PPC Management at Nuanced Media means you can make sure your listings are being targeted to the right people who want to buy your products, which is very important in a sea of such a large demographic and number of users!

These are just a few good reasons why you should bite the bullet and open up your own  storefront. You have little to lose, but so much to gain for yourself and your business.