Women and Business

Women and Business

Most women are orientated toward details. A woman in business has the ability to see a job from start to finish. A man can start and finish a project, but a woman sees the comprehensive picture and ties up any loose ends along the way. Women and Business have better penmanship and attention to detail. Women try to answer all questions in full while men tend to provide what they think are the important points. While these traits of women are an advantage, balance is the key. The downside to this is that women can be ‘nitpickers’ and delay progress by becoming so detail orientated that the production deadline is not accomplished. Business meetings can run longer than comfortable.

Women and business

Women are Nurturers

Nurturing businesswomen make good managers, excellent employee trainers, and motivational team members. Having a motherhood instinct is natural for helping others. They will spend the necessary time to ensure workers have the necessary information and tools to complete a project. They care about the well-being of their coworkers and will take the necessary steps to ensure harmony.

Businesswomen Must Perform

Women in business have to perform. A woman is required to have a better education and much more experience than her male counterpart. She usually receives less pay than the man does. The ‘good ole boy’ society still exists in most businesses and the woman must outperform a man’s accomplishments to get ahead. The men are generally pushed through the system with fewer credentials.

Women in Business are Multi-tasking

Women transfer information through the brain more quickly than men do, allowing flexibility and multi-tasking without stress. They are not bothered by being assigned many different tasks, and willingly do tasks that are not part of their job description. Businesswomen tend to operate on the ‘whatever it takes’ theory.

Women are Team Players

While men are authoritative or confrontational toward coworkers, women in business like a team effort and will work for harmony. Women are not bothered by outside input and often request other opinions. Men are territorial. Men consider it a weakness that others do not think they have all the answers. It is a matter of the male ego versus the female ego.

Businesswomen Delegate and Follow-up

Women are better at delegating work and authority than men. They also are better at follow-up with the results of the delegated work. They have the ability to assign work and not interfere with the process. Once the assignment is understood, the person has the necessary information and tools to perform the assignment, a businesswoman will let that person work without unnecessary interference.

She will follow up occasionally and even ask if there is anything she needs to do to help. When the task is completed, a woman will offer praise and rewards.

Women Want Clarity

A woman wants to know details, such as overhead numbers, whereas a man would rather hit the ‘high points’. The man’s viewpoint leaves a lot of speculation and can cause unnecessary time and expense on another worker’s part. Clarity as to what a project entails, what is needed to accomplish the project, and the result expected ensures that all on the team know exactly what their responsibilities are, promoting efficiency, and profit in any business.

While the points made are generalizations, and no one person fits exactly, there are many scientific studies done that prove these points valid. Men and women operate differently in business. A woman’s methods of operations are considered less than business-like in the modern-day world, even weak.

Businesswomen make a mistake when trying to emulate their male counterparts. She should be herself, follow her guiding principles, and do what she knows is right for her and her business. Then, she will find peace and enjoyment in business and will prove, even if only to herself, that she is more equipped at running a business because of her unique qualities.…