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How to Build a Trustworthy Brand

Successful businesses rely upon strong customer relationships in order to survive. When this trust is broken, it can sometimes be catastrophic for the business because its customers may choose to convert to a competitor instead. Trust is not only essential for retaining existing customers but also vital, to attracting new interest. We describe in this article how to build a trustworthy brand.

Here are some ways to produce a brand that people can believe in.

What do Your Customers Want?

Thorough market research should help you to identify the core interest of your audience. Pinpoint the ways in which your business can meet those needs but don’t try to please everyone. When you know what your customers want, you can direct your business services more effectively. Customers trust businesses that are able to cater to their needs.

Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

Offering services without guarantees, or products that aren’t proven, is dangerous territory for any business wanting to build customer trust. Be straightforward about what you can offer, without trying to pull the wool over your customers’ eyes. It is almost impossible to recover the same reputation after being brandished as untrustworthy by public opinion.

Be as Transparent as Possible

Transparency in business means communicating with customers openly and honestly. This includes difficult situations such as accepting blame or taking responsibility. Although at first, these concepts may feel counterproductive, studies have shown, that companies who admit liability upfront, are perceived as more reputable, than companies who reluctantly take responsibility in the fullness of time. Transparency also means being willing to answer your customers’ questions truthfully. Better to be blunt and be prepared for criticism, rather than sugar-coating the situation. Hiding the facts will eventually backfire, as people uncover the truth and discredit you – nobody feels good about being duped.

Prove your Professionalism

The more professional a business appears, the more trust it attracts. This is because businesses that don’t appear to be proficient, can seem unreliable to customers who decide not to waste their money. There are many ways your business can project a professional persona. For example, the simple marketing ploy of producing branded water bottles, portrays an image of prosperity and reliability to the public. 

Listen to Feedback and Act on it

When your customers leave comments, reviews or complaints, do your best to respond with positivity. Replying to negative feedback shows your clients that your business is willing to listen and embrace their expectations. Ignoring negative feedback can be seen as uncaring or unethical, creating a chasm between your customers and your commerce.

Build a Trustworthy Brand
Build a Trustworthy Brand

Keep Communication Simple

The more ways that your customers can get in touch, the better your business will be. Some clients might want to leave a message on one of your social media pages, while others may prefer to phone or use email to get in touch. When customers feel they are valued by a business, they are more likely to develop a sense of trust and loyalty. That loyalty can generate repeat business, so the choice of communication is crucial.