New Year resolutions, video conferencing

New Year resolutions: How video conferencing can help

It is the same custom at the end of each old year and the new beginning. Except for this year, we have a new decade to look to forward! With a new face come conclusions we promise we will keep. After all, New Year resolutions, each has a good plan to live a healthier, stronger, and more capable life. Still, the reality is that it’s more complicated than it looks! Or is it?

What if a video conference could help you keep your New Year resolutions longer than a month? According to a survey of over 1,450 Americans, the most popular New Year’s resolutions are: Exercise to get in shape, diet to lose weight, save money, eat healthier in general, take care of yourself and travel. Ideally, everyday habits and attitudes towards living a healthy, active lifestyle.

But let’s face it. Life prevents it. Demand for work is high, and deadlines are not arbitrary. Family life requires time and patience, and self-help plays a crucial role in development. It is a lot of balls to jog! Suppose any of these conclusions are on your list. In that case, this is how cinematography can give you a better work-life balance that keeps you on top of the game inside and outside the office.

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 Exercise and diet to get in shape

To those on the go, the mere thought of squeezing in an hour to exercise seems daunting. And how is it expected that someone will find one or two more hours to walk to work in the morning race? The possibility of calling a meeting from home with video conferencing gives anyone the flexibility to cut out a milestone that would otherwise be reserved for travelling. By shortening the trip, video conferencing away from home (even if only one morning or day a week!) Provides a convenient time to exercise at home, go to the gym or run.

Save money

Everyone can be a little more aware of where their money is going. It is fast, easy, reliable to set up video conferencing in these times and is not downloaded and free. You only rely on Wi-Fi and a computer, and you have direct access to your team wherever they are. You can draw your presentation, pitch or interview entirely without having to be present – or pay for petrol, parking and maintaining a car.

How about saving on daycare fees when you can work from home in the afternoon? And those $ 12 salads for lunch when you’ve had a back-to-back meeting all day? According to results from USA Today, Americans spend an average of $ 11 per meal when eating out for lunch, while the cost (on average) is $ 6.30 to prepare and prepare your lunch. With a video conferencing session at home, you can prepare food or have food during a break. It can save you from spending almost $ 3,000 a year – just for lunch! Would you instead not go to a beach in the Caribbean? You can take your computer with you and participate in your video conferencing sessions too!

Travel more

One of the many benefits of video conferencing is that it can do it anywhere with a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Last-minute vacations might make more sense if you can take your work with you. Or

Maybe it’s more cost-effective to cut work during the week to get more job done (hello flexible hours!) So you can have the weekends to go on shorter trips where you live.

 Organize yourself

It is not uncommon to walk out of the office a little later than the day is over. Meetings lasted longer, emails kept coming, and employees did not stop knocking on your door. By implementing a telecommunications program that includes more video conferencing, you can organize your life in a more organized way. Instead of rushing from the meeting to go to the store before it closes, plan your meeting online with video conferencing in advance so you can hurry in and out of the store quickly and still be on time for your appointment. Or take it home with you!

 Eat healthier

With video conferencing, cooking and healthier decisions will be smoother with a little extra time and organization. You do not have to decide between two fast-food tournaments or fill up on sugary snacks from the shop in the office when you land on the 3 brick wall. Instead, have a little more time and think about what healthy choices you can make by thinking ahead later in the day and packing a nutritious lunch that is neither fried, processed, nor expensive!

 Greater self-defence

Establishing a routine makes things work. Having systems and processes in place creates a flow that increases productivity and promotes time management. As you move on to more planned video conferencing strategies, you can build what you want to achieve around that work. Suppose it’s available to you to bring flexible working hours away from home every Friday afternoon or work long hours in the office but take more extended lunches. In that case, these structures allow time to do the things that make you feel good. Take a yoga class during a break. Shop a little in your neighbourhood when your online meeting is over – on time (did you know that online discussions are scheduled well than personal meetings?). Have breakfast with the family on Monday morning instead of waiting in traffic!

New Year resolutions are drawn to break bad habits or achieve personal goals. Notice how the most famous conclusions are about being a more mature, healthy person. The opportunities for this attitude to a better work-life balance are endless, with video technology designed to bridge the gap between office and home life.

Let be the video conferencing provider you need to make this new decade happy and prosperous! New Year resolutions are sure of your ability to produce good work and maintain a strong relationship with your team without having to stretch too thin. With features like Online Tablets, Screen Sharing and Video Recording, your work life can stay balanced and productive, making the next 10 years your best decade to date!

Happy New Year Team