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How To Elevate The Grand Opening Of Your Business

You only get one grand opening for a business, so it is important to make it special. Grand openings are not only an exciting way to celebrate the challenging work put into the launch but a marketing opportunity to create brand awareness and attract customers. There are numerous ways to upgrade a grand opening celebration, but these are guaranteed to make a bold statement and get people talking about your business. Take these tips into consideration to plan a grand opening that no one will want to miss.

Offer Exclusive Deals

When it comes to launching a new business, limited edition deals, sales and samples are effective for acquiring new customers, and there is no better time to implement this than the official grand opening. Starting off with a strong first impression can help to convince attendees to return as customers in the future. Promoting the exclusive deals on offer using social media posts, with countdowns and reminders, can help to build excitement and interest.

Hold A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

It is traditional for grand openings, to begin with, a ribbon-cutting ceremony, and as well it being a custom, it can serve as free marketing. Not only is it eye-catching to passersby on the day, but the excitement of the official opening will have witnesses feeling special for getting the exclusive viewing. It is common for ribbon-cutting ceremonies to end up on social media, which is beneficial to businesses that can save costs on marketing. You will not want to overlook the significance of a ribbon-cutting ceremony kicking off the celebrations.

Free Food And Drinks

What is more universally enjoyed than food and drinks? Better yet, when it is free. This is a productive way to appeal to the target audience and beyond, especially if it is mentioned in the promotions. Working with local favourites can be a powerful way to resonate with the community as a new business and grab the interest of residents in the area. For drinks, hiring bartenders from Event Bartenders can be an effortless way to keep up with the demand for alcoholic beverages whilst providing entertainment to engage the attendees. Free food and drinks will make the grand opening one remember.

Grand Opening Of Your Business
Grand Opening Of Your Business

Book A Performer

Once people have collected the exclusive deals on offer, and free food and drinks, there must be more entertainment to keep the interest for a while longer. This can be achieved by inviting well-known local artists or groups to perform at the grand opening. A mutually beneficial arrangement, can set the atmosphere and keep the mood high. People nearby the business will be able to hear the music, which will pique their curiosity to find out more.

When planning a grand opening to launch your new business, be sure to offer exclusive deals, hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony, provide free food and drinks, and book a performer. Promoting this beforehand will attract the attention of locals, who will naturally share the event online. Effective digital marketing beforehand, and a successful grand opening, will pay off with everyone talking about the launch online and by word-of-mouth. Take this into consideration to enter the market by making a statement.