music increases sales of the shops
music increases sales of the shops

Music: The music increases sales of the shops

It is not the same to work with Chet Baker as with The Chemical Brothers in the background. Sales in stores can increase up to 32% depending on the music played.

Musical decorators ensure that music has an evident social impact, helps us in relationships, and brings us together. Depending on the choice, the pace of work, the concentration of workers, or the business’s sales, if this is a trade, is affected.

A company that provides the music that best suits a business or event breaks with radio formulas and musical threads and goes a step further, making each playlist unique. “All companies or events are different, and we want that difference to become evident using music as a tool.

How to make music increases sales?

Entrepreneurs are interested in enhancing the experience they offer their clients. They like to take care of details, look for formulas to differentiate themselves from the competition, and have a hallmark. They are always looking to increase income. How do they do that? The first thing they do when someone requests their services is a brand study to best define the needs of each client. They specify the client’s specifications, the type of business or event, the schedule, the clientele… Once this study is done, they look for a musical analogy that perfectly identifies the client and develops the playlist that best personalizes their tastes and business needs.

It is only necessary to have an internet connection. They adapt depending on each circumstance, but the usual thing is to visit the client, collect information to do the brand study, and create the playlist. Once this process is done, they can manage the entire service remotely (software implementation, song updates …). It has allowed them to have a client base in estate and an equal or greater one in other provinces.

Three partners began their journey: Kim, Johan, Carlos, and later, Caine. All of them, dynamic professionals with initiative who come from different work experiences such as production, law, computing … They share a passion for music and care for details. They currently have a business volume that allows them to grow year after year.


Decorate with music

“More and more details are taken care of in the establishments, but music does not receive the same respect. That was the main reason this idea was born, to create, reinforce, or renew the identity of a business or an event through music. The proposal is not only that of a musical thread; it is a personalized selection, the result of an orderly, strategic and creative study, to adapt the music that sounds in each situation and improve the final consumer’s experience. You could display the lyrics of the music to make it more catchy. Now different tools like convert mp3 to text found to made lyrics. It is a tailor-made musical thread, unique for each client.

For example, Restaurants study the layout of the space, the lighting, the furniture, the clothing, or even the dishes, but few plan the music in detail. And despite having taken care of all those elements, a wrong musical choice can cloud the experience. If you have a fast-food restaurant and you put jazz, for example, you slow down the service and waste time, business, and good music. In the same way, if you create a cozy atmosphere but play loud music, the stay in your place will be unpleasant.

Another clear example: you invest a lot of time and money in your wedding; it is one of the “most special moments of your life.” You take care of everything, you monitor and coordinate with Swiss precision the dress, the flowers, the guests, the menu … but you end up considering the music of the cocktail party or the party as secondary. In the best cases, you only think of the theme with the one that you will open the dance as spouses. It is a big mistake: the music creates precisely the moments that will remain in the memory of the guests the longest.

Music helps sell

Some studies show that sales increase depending on the music that is used. There are times when the business needs to streamline the customer to increase the number of sales (for example, a supermarket or a clothing store on Friday afternoons), or there are times when it is necessary to create a quiet and pleasant environment to generate an inviting experience the customer to consume more (a specific type of restaurant, for example). In the same way that the aisles or the products on each shelf have a carefully studied order to increase sales, an excellent musical choice achieves the same effect.

However, in America, this decoration concept is not very widespread. Business owners find it difficult to see the relationship between an excellent musical selection and their customers’ final product.