Organizational Background
Organizational Background

What is an organizational background?

The organizational background is essential for a consumer and their customer. Organizations come in all shapes and sizes. But no matter the size, all organizations have a background story or history. The background of an organization can range from its humble beginnings to its current success and plans. The history of an organization can provide valuable insight into how, why, and when the organization was formed and can help to inform its current and future decisions.

The background of an organization typically includes its founders, purpose, mission and values, and culture. It can also have the organization’s timeline, milestones, current position in the market, and any related legal and financial information. Understanding an organization’s background can tell us a lot about its current goals and strategies. It can provide context for future decisions.

When researching the background of an organization, it is essential to consider the perspectives of all stakeholders. It includes customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, and any other stakeholders who the organization’s decisions may impact. It is also essential to look at the organization’s history comprehensively rather than focusing on one particular aspect.

In addition to researching the background of an organization, it is essential to consider the impact that external factors may have on the organization’s current and future performance. It includes economic, political, and social aspects. Understanding the external context of an organization can inform its decisions and provide a more comprehensive view of its current and future position.

Organizations are complex and dynamic entities, and the background of an organization can provide valuable insight into its current and future performance. Understanding the experience of an organization can give us the context we need to make informed decisions about the organization’s current and future strategies.

How to write an organizational background for strength?

The organizational change section of your grant application may be called “Introduction” or “Applicant Description.”

Whatever the title, you explain your business and convince the base that you can do what the proposal says you will do.

It’s okay to write in this section, but stay moderate. Experts recommend that this section of your application fee be about three pages long at maximum.

This part of the proposal needs to be as detailed as the others. Continue with the information that establishes your company’s credibility and ability to achieve project goals.

What is the purpose of organizational change?

Keep in mind that the purpose of this section is to convince the base that your utility has these properties:

  • Financially stable
  • Well managed
  • Provides essential community services
  • Understands community need
  • Management and employees that reflect the diversity of society
  • Highly respected by the community

What should you include in this section?

This part of the proposal is about credibility. Thus, the information you present here should be relevant to the foundation and the project. What is this funder looking for?

Ask yourself, “What essential information does the coach need about the organization and their qualifications to decide to fund this program?”

Include the following information in the planning field:

  • The full, legal name of the exploit and its legal status, i.e., 501(c)(3).
  • Your location – the headquarters, along with other functions.
  • History of your nonprofit. Your mission statement, when the organization was founded, who founded it, for what purpose, and the community and customers it serves.
  • A summary of your plans.
  • Your company’s position and role in society. Name a partner in your community.
  • How your business is unique. Explain why your service is separate from other similar services.
  • The highest achievements of your organization are related to this proposal. Include an award or special recognition the company has received. Use sphere form for these achievements.
  • A very brief summary of the need statement.
  • Financial information, such as the total budget and annual contributions. Past and present funding from other sources.
  • A short statement about the board, staff, and volunteers.

Convince the reader that you are the organization best suited for the proposed project. Only include information that appears elsewhere in the proposal if it is in abbreviated form.

Tips for getting your layout Organizational Background right

Overview of the Organization 

  • History:  The organization was established year with a mission to provide high-quality products and services to its customers. It has become a leading industry provider and expanded its operations to multiple countries.
  • Mission: The organization’s mission is to provide customers with the highest quality products and services while creating a positive and lasting impression for its employees and stakeholders.
  • Structure: The organization is structured into several business units, each of which is responsible for a different aspect of operations. Each business unit is led by a senior executive responsible for overseeing the team’s daily operations.

 Products and Services 

  •  Overview: The organization offers various products and services, including software and hardware solutions, web hosting, and cloud-based services. It also provides IT, business processes, and project management consulting services.
  • Benefits: The products and services offered by the organization provide customers with a comprehensive suite of solutions that help them increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Financial Performance 

  • Revenue: The organization has experienced steady growth over the past several years, with total revenue reaching $200 million in the past year.
  • Profitability: The organization has achieved a healthy profit margin of 10% over the past several years.
  •  Growth: The organization has experienced consistent growth in both revenue and profitability over the past several years.

Market Position 

  • Market Share: The organization currently holds a 15% market share.
  • Competitors: The organization’s main competitors include several large multinationals.


  • Strategies: The organization has implemented several procedures to remain competitive, including expanding its product and service offerings, investing in new technologies, and increasing its market presence.
  • Expansion Plans: The organization has plans to open new offices in several countries in the next five years to expand its customer base.
  • Future Goals: The organization aims to become its industry’s leading provider of products and services.
Organizational Background
Organizational Background

Start your creative story.

When and why was your charity organized? In the first or second paragraph, find the mission statement and show how all actions flow from it. Spell out philosophy – why the organization.

What you don’t need to include in this section

This section should be a detailed narrative.

Testimonials and statistics can be included but kept to a minimum. You can have graphic graphs and stories in attachments.

Only waste space on the organization or specific information about board members and staff if the meeting has requested it. You can include this information in your supporting documents.

Keep your information brief (2-3 pages max) and summarize it into a simple story about your company’s history, current programs, the demographics you serve, and where you provide services.


The organizational background is essential in any business, as it provides a crucial context for understanding how the organization operates. It includes the organizational structure, policies, history, culture, and values, as well as the external influences that affect the organization. By understanding this background, managers can make more informed decisions and better respond to environmental changes. Additionally, it can help organizations recognize areas where they need improvement and develop strategies to address these weaknesses. Understanding the organizational background can help a business succeed and reach its goals.