Behavior in crowds
Behavior in crowds

Behavior in crowds: Rules for safe behavior in crowds

Behavior in crowds; how maintain rules? This article describes the basic principles of crowd behavior to protect yourself and your loved ones. Many people enjoy attending all kinds of noisy events. There can be football matches, various festivals, concerts, and nightclubs. Must follow specific rules in such places. The etiquette of the crowd is a measure to ensure your health and life.

As a rule, when they come to a concert or other event, people behave politely and restrained and let others pass. But as soon as this event ends, the movement of people becomes spontaneous; everyone goes as fast as possible to the exit, ignoring it and letting no one in. There are examples of people being injured and even killed in such spontaneous stampedes. Learn some simple rules of conduct to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Basic principles of safe behavior in crowds

If the crowd forms after an event, it is usually peaceful. In this case, it will be better to wait until the mainstream of people leaves the hall, and you can calmly leave the half-empty room. If you are in a hurry, we advise you to take a seat at the exit a little before the end of the event so that you can leave the hall immediately.

It is better not to bring children to events that involve a large number of people. But if you have a baby, hold it in your arms or put it on your neck. Also, he should tell in advance how to behave in a crowd. He must know the first and last name, parent’s names, and address; it is best to put a note with this information in the child’s pocket so that others can help him if he gets lost. If the child is older, talk to them in advance about a meeting place if possible, in case you lose sight of each other.

Rules for safe behavior in crowds

If you have dropped something, it is better not to bend over this thing. In this case, people may trip and fall directly on you; you risk injury. Try to stand up with all you might. If you fail, try to get up without leaning on your hands, they can break or crush you. If you can’t get up, curl into a ball, covering your head and forearms. If you know in advance that you will attend an event, we advise you to dress as comfortably as possible. It is better for women to avoid high-heeled shoes and scarves and for men from ties. Jewelry, earrings, and piercings are also best reserved for other occasions. Tie your long hair into a ponytail or different tight hairstyle.

Behavior in crowds
Behavior in crowds

Try to stay away from possible obstacles.

 Walls, sharp corners, steps, metal bars, shop windows, trees. In a riot, try to hide as quickly as possible. Try not to get caught up in this crowd as participants or spectators. Also, don’t get distracted by ongoing confrontations with many people.

And the most important tip: try in every possible way to avoid getting into the epicenter of the crowd. But if you cannot prevent this, follow our advice, and then you can save your health and possibly your life.