9 Useful Tools to Keep Track of your Business

Its Tools to Keep Track of your Business

Running a business entails the right management skills and strict attention to the different vital tasks from the admin to the financial matters. This applies not just to large companies but even to startups and small businesses. Managing a business today, though, should be easier with the various digital tools available. Its tools are helpful in the different aspects of business management and some are even free to use. When used properly, they can aid in growing a business and sustaining it for the long term.

Here are several its tools recommended for small business owners committed to keeping a loyal staff and achieving their short-term and long-term goals.

its tools

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is most helpful in gathering and analyzing vital data. With this tool, entrepreneurs can determine the location of their audience and other online behavior. This then will enable them to plan their marketing strategies well and find out how they are faring in converting leads.


English is a recruitment tool useful when hiring people to assist in your business or if you’re looking for investors. Numerous investors have already been matched on the site enabling startups to gain funds to grow their businesses.


Entrepreneurs who don’t want to have investors can also choose to use Fundera to find the right finances through loans. Fundera is an online marketplace that connects entrepreneurs with the most appropriate lenders offering the best rates.


Another platform that can help entrepreneurs in getting a business loan is StreetShares. Peer-to-peer lenders are available on this free online marketplace to accommodate business owners looking for funding. StreetShares has a fast application feature and recruits lenders once you are able to show the value of your business concept.


Business owners should also make it a point to monitor their employee’s productivity and they can do this via TimeDoctor.  This time management software can keep track of tasks and overall productivity in real-time. It is also capable of recording a staff’s internet use and takes a screenshot every three minutes. To help you check your employee’s online activity, TimeDoctor provides a report of websites visited and applications used.


Organize tasks and keep your staff updated on what they need to do with Trello. This cloud-based tool lets users create boards for various tasks to help business owners manage their operations more efficiently. What gives Trello the edge is it can be synched with all of your devices thereby allowing you to monitor your team and work on important tasks even while on the go. A free plan is available and is easy to use.

Trello is not limited to professionals as teams composed of college or post-graduate students working on a project can utilize the platform. For example, they can ask colleagues for information on how to get business school personal statement help.


Internal communication is vital regardless of the number of staff you have in your business. With Skype, entrepreneurs can easily communicate via SMS, voice call, or video chat when urgent matters crop up or when a meeting among staff in different locations is needed. It is also possible to send files via Skype making it a very useful communication tool.


Completing expense reports can be a real challenge. Fortunately, there’s Expensify now to keep track of expenses with the ability to automatically scan receipts in one click and process reimbursement the next day. This tool can be customized so managers can review first any expenses and automatically approve the others. Its mobile tracking capability is a huge help particularly for business owners who frequently travel.


In line with expenses, payroll is also one important aspect that entrepreneurs should prioritize. This is where ZenPayroll comes in handy as it makes the payroll work easier. Through its tools, employees can be paid weekly bi-weekly, or monthly depending on your preference as they are given online portal access. A free two-month trial is available for businesses that want to determine the features of ZenPayroll.…